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Animal Tales: A Flash Fiction Contest

Winners - Adults

Winner - Adults

Alien of Nature

by Jill Davis

The morning was peaceful as the light shone down through the leaves of the trees. Landing on a large leaf, I saw a shadow move across the jungle floor; the world exploded with sound. A bright wave of heat descended from the sky, within it, an extraordinary insect. This insect was huge, as big as some of the trees around me. I took flight and landed again in a pink flowered bush, watching and waiting to see what this insect would do. It had a dark, shiny, outer shell, with opaque eyes at its top. After some time, part of it lowered down to the ground, and amazingly, more creatures stepped forth from its interior. They stood erect like trees with a trunk that split in two and extended to the ground, with two limbs on the sides and a head that was home to a large reflective eye. They had an iridescent outer shell, like dew on a spider's web in the early light. They had odd looking stones that made noises and emitted lights that they waved over the jungle surrounding them. One moved towards me and observed me with the stone in a bright flash of light. I took flight and decided to land this time on the outstretched limb of the being. It made a sound that was unlike any I had heard before...

"Enchanting. It's like a butterfly, from the old pictures of Earth."

Honorable Mention - Adults

Finding Home

by Mary Stanley

It was cold, wet, dark and scary. I didn't understand. Where is my family? Why aren't they here? I'm so hungry. Humans yell at me, some speak kindly and even share their food. I stay. They will come back. They love me.

I'm so hungry. Maybe they forgot where they left me. How could they forget me? I've been with them 3 summers. They loved me.

It rained. The smell of meat and bread is so strong, making my stomach growl. Maybe someone will give me a bite.

Humans have moving dog houses, must avoid moving dog houses.

She called me. I heard concern and love. I miss the love. She took me to her home. It was dry, warm and full of laughter. They washed me, fed me and the they cuddled me. They called her mom.

Days went by. The hunger is less now. She sees to it that I'm happy. They even bought me toys. Hesitantly I give her a kiss. She didn't hit me. She didn't scold me. I am happy. I am home.

A year has gone by. She took me to a vet and learned about my past. She had tears. I hate when mom cries. She hugged me, I kissed her, she giggles when I kiss her. I'm happy now. I have found home.

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