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Animal Tales: A Flash Fiction Contest

Winners - Kids

Winner - Kids

Animal Jam!

by Savannah Slater

CRASH! I suddenly woke up and peered out of my cozy tree hole to see what was the matter. Not too far away was a bulldozer, tearing down my woodland home. "Why are humans doing this to us?" asked my small raccoon child. "What have we done to them?" chimed in the older one. They had both woken up as well.

"We have done nothing to deserve this!" I told them, "We should all be treated equally because we were put on one planet to live together, not to kill each other! I guess humans just don't understand!"

"Mom! We need to run! Our tree is next!" interrupted the children. We started bounding from tree to tree, but we stopped long enough to see the place we had called home our whole lives come down in ruins.

"That was our home! It's not just a spot you can use for yourself!" The young raccoons screamed.

"Come on, guys. It looks like humans are going to be tearing down our whole forest. We even share it nicely with all of the other animals and respect their boundaries. I don't see why humans and us can't, too!"

When we landed on the last tree, every animal knew they were doomed. Dead. All around us a city was standing, full of people worrying about petty things such as how their hair looked and not about our tragic state. Before the moment of our death, all of us thought, "Will humans ever understand?"

Honorable Mention - Kids

Willy's First Trip to the Ocean

by Ryan Davis

My name is Willy. I'm a killer whale. I'm black and white. I have big, sharp teeth and eat fish and keep sharks away to protect my family.

Or at least I wish I did.

But I'm a toy.

I used to live in a toy store, then a boy named Ryan took me home. He played with me every day and imagined I was a real whale swimming in the ocean. He imagined so long, suddenly I became a real whale, and there was a real beach and a real ocean.

I gave Ryan a ride on my back, and when we found the other killer whales, we played catch together with a beach ball Ryan brought.

Dolphins joined the game. One hit the ball with his tail while others did flip flops.

A killer whale tossed the ball so high it touched a cloud. Then a pelican grabbed the ball and threw it. Next a dolphin caught the ball and dropped it on Ryan's head.

After that, we swam down deep and played with the sperm whales and blue whales, and saw a sperm whale eating a giant squid.

We played until Ryan had to go home. I didn't know what to do. I loved being a real whale, but I loved Ryan even more.

I went home with Ryan and turned back into a toy. That night, Ryan carried me to his bed and we snuggled together.

Even being a real whale isn't as good as that.

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