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Animal Tales: A Flash Fiction Contest

Winners - Teens

Winner - Teens


by Oleander Lynch

I don't know where I was, but a pair of large, warm paws held me tightly, even though they had taken me away from my mum. Although I mewled for her, I never got a reply. My whole body ached with cold, my skin itching so badly. I couldn't hear them, but I curled closer to the paws, the heat luring me into sleep.

I first opened my eyes while I was being rubbed by something soft. These things that had giant paws were large and kind, rubbing me with something yellow like me. They cleaned my ears, which got rid of the itch and let me hear a little. They "licked" me with their paw, and held me close.

Soon I was back with my mum, but my brothers and sisters were gone. I never did find them, but I had my mum, and that was alright. They began calling me "Bella", and that never changed.


I liked it. It was new and strange, like the floor that didn't sink underneath me, but it was amazing. My mum didn't think so, and after she stopped giving me milk for a while, she was gone, just like my brothers and sisters before me.

One of the things put me in this box like before, but this one moved. I was shaking; not because I was scared, but because the box moved by itself! And then it stopped and I was free! I was finally in the woods, free.

Honorable Mention - Teens

Today I Met a Cat

by Sophia Jenkins

Today I met a cat on my walk to the park. It was a stray that was looking for food. Its fur was as sandy colored as a beach and its eyes were as blue as the sky. I sniffed it because I was intrigued. I had never met a cat before. All the other dogs in the neighborhood said that cats were mean and they stole your water. I barked at her because I didn't want it to steal my water. The cat meowed back as if to say "You ain't gonna bark at me dog!" I whimpered and took a step back because no animal had ever talked back to me because I was the biggest dog in the neighborhood being a Great Dane-Mastiff mix. "Bad boy Bruiser!" said Tyler. Brad picked up the cat and said "Honey, there are no tags on it so I think we should take it home with us". We walked home with the cat and we waited outside as Tyler went into the store to grab cat food. When we got home they took us into the house and the cat went right to the arm of the couch. I decided I liked her. She was kind but she was sassy. Later that night, we were all lying in the bed and Tyler and Brad decided to name her Sassy. I like Sassy.

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