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Books Featuring Strongly Independent Characters

Celebrate the spirit of independence by thumbing through a few titles featuring characters known for their independent perspectives.   More...
Books & Authors

The Bicentennial of Henry David Thoreau

Explore the writings of Thoreau to celebrate his 200th birthday!  More...
Books & Authors


On July 13, 1923, the famous Hollywood Sign came to life.  More...
Books & Authors

Books Featured in the TV Series We Love

Books featured in popular TV Series  More...
Books & Authors

The American Experience in Words

In poetry, first-hand accounts, and retrospective examinations of our culture and history, read how these authors put their American experience into words to share across space and time.  More...
Books & Authors

Human Origins

Accessible and entertaining books on the science and history of human origins.  More...
Books & Authors

Picaresque Novels

Looking for stories of adventure with a bit of a twist? Check out these novels for wit, satire, and the gritty struggles of people often living on the margins of society.  More...
Books & Authors

Summertime Cooking

There's nothing like summer food: fresh produce, burgers on the grill, ice cream and much more! Whatever you like to eat in the summer, the Library can help you make the most of this fun time of year.    More...
Books & Authors

Workplace Fiction

Who says work has to be boring? Here is a list of fictional stories that take place in office spaces.   More...
Books & Authors

Space Fiction

Would you travel to space if given the chance? Read the following books to help make up your mind.   More...
Books & Authors

Ladies Who Make Us Laugh

It’s been a great few years for humorous memoirs, with many big names in comedy putting pen to paper. This is especially true when it comes to female voices. If you’re looking to laugh, look no further. If you’ve got travel plans this summer, be sure check out the audiobook titles on this list, they’re all read by the author.   More...
Books & Authors

Epistolary Novels

Whether in the form of letters, diary entries, or excerpts from newspapers, interviews, books, and other documents, epistolary novels tell their stories in episodes from the point of view of one or more characters.  More...
Books & Authors

Personality Profiles

It has been said, "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom". Begin your own process of self-discovery by exploring these titles on the topic of personality.   More...
Books & Authors

Summer Wanderlust

Sufferers of Wanderlust, you are not alone.  More...
Books & Authors

London in Modern British Fiction

London is a fascinating city that has been at the centerpiece of numerous stories. Check out these titles from modern British authors to explore London from several different times and perspectives.  More...

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