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Books & Authors 

Adventurous Memoirs

These aren't just ordinary personal accounts. They're packed with adventure.  More...
Books & Authors 

Non-Binary Gender in Speculative Fiction

Explore science fiction and fantasy novels featuring cultures with non-binary gender norms.  More...
Books & Authors 

Time Travel Fiction

Time travel has been an enduring premise for fiction, spanning many genres and finding its place both on the page and on the screen. The Library has hundreds of books about time travel, here are just a few.  More...
Books & Authors 

World War One in Retrospect

From the individuals that served to the nations and leaders setting agendas, the immediate and long-term results of this near-forgotten war laid the groundwork for the Modern world. Browse these titles for well-curated examples of primary resources from the war, and well-researched interpretations of its impact then and now.  More...
Books & Authors 


Check out these titles that explore and celebrate the hobby of record collecting.  More...
Books & Authors 

Photography Tips

Composition! Equipment! Focus! We have books to help you learn photography terms, history and techniques.  More...
Books & Authors 

WWI Historical Fiction

One century ago the U.S. entered WWI, on April 6, 1917. As the Library offers programming to reflect on this period of history, you might want to check out these novels that are set against the backdrop of the Great War.  More...
Books & Authors 

Nostalgia for the Nineties: Books of the Decade

From plaid flannel shirts to classic video games, a surge of 90's nostalgia has hit pop culture in the last few years.  Generation Xers are pining for their decade, which made us at The Library reminisce about popular books from the 1990s.  More...
Books & Authors 

1997-2017: Books Celebrating 20 Years

Can you believe it has been 20 years since 1997?  Let's take a look back at some of the most well-known books published in 1997.  Have you read them all?  If you see one you haven't read be sure to pick up a copy at the Library.
Books & Authors 

National Poetry Month 2017

April is National Poetry Month.  More...
Books & Authors 


Learn about planets beyond the solar system and the science behind their discovery.  More...
Books & Authors 

Immigrant Fiction

There are many ways to become an American, and many great books about the journey. Check one out today!  More...
Books & Authors 

Women in Science

While science is often considered a male dominated field, women have made important contributions to the subject as well. Recently, several titles have been released that highlight the history of how woman have supplied research, completed experiments and helped create new inventions. 

Books & Authors 

U.S. Route 66

It is known as the Mother Road, America's highway and the country's main street. The Library has many books that will take you on quite the ride down U.S. Route 66.  More...
Books & Authors 

Books to Read if You Can't Wait for the New Season of Stranger Things

If the second season's October release date seems a long way off, you can get your creepy, nostalgic, or government baddie fix with these reads.   More...

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