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Coming in September

Fall is right around the corner and what better way to start the season then by picking up a new book?  Here's a sneak peek of some exciting new titles coming out in September.  More...
Books & Authors

The Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will darken our skies. Be prepared for this unforgettable event by checking out these books.  More...
Books & Authors

Scandinavian Crime Fiction

If you are looking for a dark thriller, check out these chilling reads with flawed characters set in bleak Scandinavian settings.  More...
Books & Authors

Books Based on Other Books

Some of the best tales are actually fresh takes on old ideas. Check out this list of great books inspired by other authors' stories!  More...
Books & Authors

Old Time Radio Shows

On August 3, 1922 WGY radio in Schenectady, NY presented "The Wolf", written by Eugene Walter, the first full-length melodrama on radio and issued in an era of radio entertainment. Comedy, Mystery, Drama, or Western, many of these old radio shows can be found in the Library's audiobook collection.
Books & Authors

Summer Vacation Through Books

Can't get away this summer? Try one of these transportive books instead!  More...
Books & Authors

Moral Psychology and Politics

We have more in common morally and politically than we like to admit. Let's dig into the processes of human psychology and sociology that feed our moral and political divisions.  More...
Books & Authors

On Location: Books Taking You Inside the Homes and Places That Inspired Famous Authors

Visit the places that inspired these well-known authors, and see photographs of locations made famous in their books.   More...
Books & Authors

Books Featuring Strongly Independent Characters

Celebrate the spirit of independence by thumbing through a few titles featuring characters known for their independent perspectives.   More...
Books & Authors

The Bicentennial of Henry David Thoreau

Explore the writings of Thoreau to celebrate his 200th birthday!  More...
Books & Authors


On July 13, 1923, the famous Hollywood Sign came to life.  More...
Books & Authors

Books Featured in the TV Series We Love

Books featured in popular TV Series  More...
Books & Authors

The American Experience in Words

In poetry, first-hand accounts, and retrospective examinations of our culture and history, read how these authors put their American experience into words to share across space and time.  More...
Books & Authors

Human Origins

Accessible and entertaining books on the science and history of human origins.  More...
Books & Authors

Picaresque Novels

Looking for stories of adventure with a bit of a twist? Check out these novels for wit, satire, and the gritty struggles of people often living on the margins of society.  More...

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