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Lying in Wait: Locating Ancestral Remains

Locating an ancestor's burial place can be difficult, espcially if you don't know where to begin. Find out how to locate burials locally or across the country, and learn some tricks to get past genealogical roadblocks.  More...

Utilizing the U.S. Federal Census Makes Sense

The U.S. Federal Census, taken every decade, can provide a wealth of information about the everyday lives of your ancestors, from their children and siblings to their occupations and their movements across the country.  More...

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Death certificates provide clues to our ancestors' births, lives, deaths, and their final resting places.  More...

News from Other Towns

 Local newspapers hold the key to the details of our ancestors' daily lives.  More...

How Do Your Favorite Genealogy Websites Rank?

A new very useful list of the most viewed genealogy websites is available online.  More...

Turn Off the Reality TV and Tune into Genealogy

 "Who Do You Think You Are" returns to NBC on Friday nights at 7 p.m.
Genealogy to Offer Free Access to 1940 U.S. Census

In April 2012, will begin streaming free images from the 1940 U.S. Census.  More...
Genealogy, Health & Wellness

Remember to Keep a Family Medical History

New research indicates the importance of continually updating your family medical history.  More...

Family Search Continues to Grow

If you haven't logged onto Family Search lately, you are missing out.  More...

Are You a Taphophile?

Our relationship to cemeteries changes with time.

Changes Coming to Ancestry Library Edition

New search features and an improved user experience will soon be here.  More...

Looking for an Exciting Genealogy Game?

New Facebook app intended to put the fun in genealogy.  More...

Prime Time Genealogy Show to Return to NBC

NBC announces season 2 celebrities for "Who Do You Think You Are?"  More...

Where in the World is That Book?

Locating genealogy books and articles is not as difficult as it used to be.  More...

What Did They Mean By That?

Understanding word usage and the historic meaning of words in documents is an important research skill.

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