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Local History Archives - November 2010

Local History 

Spanish Mystery Stone

 Many families have lived on portions of the Wilson’s Creek battlefield through the decades.  Perhaps no individual has been more interesting than Dick “Dixie” O’Connor, who bought a farm near “Bloody Hill” in 1950 and created the Spanish mystery stone.  More...
Local History 

Pioneer Life of 1833, Part 2

 The second part of an article written by John H. Miller and reprinted in the Springfield Farm Club News, January 5, 1933.  More...
Local History 

Pioneer Life of 1833, Part 1

  Pioneer Life of 1833 was written by John H. Miller in the late 1800's and was republished in 1933 in the Farm Club News. Early manufacturers and businessmen, vigilante justice, the jail on Boonville and more are described in this first part. The second half of the article will be published next week.
Local History 

Star Shower

 The 1833 Star Shower and its effect on Greene county residents is recounted in the History of Greene County, Missouri 1883.  The star shower, or meteor storm, was an unusual display of the annual Leonid Meteor shower.  More...
Local History 

Dickerson Park Zoo

 History and early descriptions of the property that would become the Dickerson Park Zoo.  More...

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