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Local History Archives - March 2010

Local History 

Caves and Hobos

  White River from Branson Heights.Caves along the banks of  the White River were utilized by hobos as "hotels", according to a 1917 article in the "Springfield Republican".
Local History 

Two Important Pioneer Roads

 Two important early roads in the Ozarks, the Wilderness and Pioneer roads, are described in a 1960 article from the Ozarks Mountaineer.  More...
Local History 

Boy Scout Indian Dance

 This year marks the 100th anniversery in the United States for Boy Scouts of America.  In 1952 local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts banded together to form an Indian dance troupe.  More...
Local History 

Frisco Bananas

 From the book, Springfield Missouri Merchants' and Manufacturers' record, 1906.Back when bananas were big business, the Frisco railroad would speed them and other produce to their destinations in record time.  Find out how carefully the bananas were packed and shipped from the Gulf coast.  More...
Local History 

1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry

  James M. Williams, image courtesy of the U.S. Army Military History Institute1st Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry was one of the earliest African-American regiments organized during the American Civil War.  Five hundred slaves liberated from Missouri formed its core.  More...

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