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Local History Archives - July 2012

Local History 

Summer of 1954

 July 14, 1954, the official temperature taken at the Springfield Municipal Airport was 113 degrees.  Weatherman C. C. Williford said "If man, beast and bird can survive the day, they've got it whipped."  
Local History 

Music at the Fair

 Have you been to a concert at the grandstand of the Ozarks Empire Fair?  Five thousand people attended the Alabama concert on a Monday afternoon in 1981.  Eight hundred more stood in line after the concert to meet the band.  More...
Local History 

Chautauqua Story Hour

 During the 1910 Springfield Chautauqua, Miss Helen Roberts Perkins, delivers a passionate plea to Springfield to establish a kindergarten in Springfield.  More...
Local History 

New Hospital

 A tuberculosis hospital was added to the Greene County Farm in 1926. This hospital was for persons considered incurable. Those not diagnosed as incurable would go to the state sanitarium in Mount Vernon.  More...
Local History 

Alphabet Mack

 A biography of Alphabet Mack, the nickname of Judge John W. D. L. F. Mack, one of the early settlers of Greene County.  More...

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