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Library News Archives - February 2009

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In a Sliding Economy, Should You Zag Instead of Zig?

 Is doing the obvious thing—or the thing that everyone else is doing—in your company’s best interest? In other words, says Business Librarian Mike DePue, should you zag when others zig?  More...
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Working Together to Take Care of Our Children

I know. I know. It's hackneyed and overused, but, doggone it, sometimes it does "take a village" to get important things done. Take, for example, the absolutely essential task of making sure that all American children possess pre-reading skills before they enter kindergarten.  More...
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Spread the News: Help is Just a 2-1-1 Call Away

The 2-1-1 phone line answered at the United Way Call Center in St. Louis is ringing off the hook, and, it's no mystery why.  More...

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