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Automotive X Prize

The Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize is a global competition that awarded $10,000,000 in prizes to the first teams to build cars that get at least 100 MPGe (Miles per Gallon or gasoline equivalent energy) in real world driving and are safe, affordable, and desirable.

The winners:




The vehicles were entered in one of two classes:

  • Mainstream -- entries must seat at least four passengers, have four wheels, and have a minimum 200 mile range
    Very Light Car (97) Very Light Car (98) Seven (77)            
  • Alternative -- must seat at least two passengers with a minimum 100 mile range and no minimum number of wheels
    TW4XP (33)E-Tracer 7002 (72) Alias (8)

The competition started with 136 vehicles from 111 teams -- visit Team-Central to see pictures, team information, and the competition Standings.  The on-track testing of the Finals Stage was completed on July 27, and there were nine vehicles left to pass the Validation Stage before prizes were awarded in September 2010. 

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