All Library branches will be closed and the Mobile Library will not make its regularly scheduled stops on Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day.

The Park Central, Republic, Strafford, and Willard branch libraries will not have phone service on Tuesday, May 23, due to maintentance. Please call (417) 882-0714 for assistance.

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What's hot, what's not

  • Fewer people are eating at restaurants, with that sector down 4% this year.  Grocery stores, however, are doing well, with the shares of big food companies up about 17%.
  • Holiday gift purchases are likely to be cut back; analysts are projecting the weakest buying since the recession of '91.  People will be more likely to substitute "gifts of service" such as baby or dog sitting, car washing, etc.
  • Shopping as a Sunday sport is taking a hit.  That ritual is being replaced by time with family and friends.
  • Impulse buying and conspicuous consumption are on hold.  At least temporarily, consumers will rediscover thrift and savings.
  • Even deep discounts by department stores aren't triggering consumer interest.  On the other hand, Wal-Mart and the discount membership clubs are doing just fine, thank you. 

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