The Fair Grove Branch Library will be closed Monday, June 19, through Monday, June 26, for carpet replacement and shelf rearrangement.

Zinio and InstantFlix services will be down for approximately 14 hours beginning 7 p.m. Monday, June 26, while Recorded Books performs maintenace to their system.

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Never Saw It Coming

There are certainly plenty of candidates for the 2008 Missed-by-a-Mile Financial Prediction Award, but Standard & Poor's Investment Policy Committee shouldn't have any trouble making the finals.

The May '08 issue of S&P's Trends and Projections lead article:  the "Committee believes that from economic, fundamental, technical, and historical perspectives, the worst of the recent equity price decline is likely over."  Toward the end of the article:  the "Committee is maintaining its year-end 2008 target of 1560."

The Library received this issue on June 11th; the S&P 500 on that date stood at 1335.49.  At time of writing today, the S&P 500 is 874.26.

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