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These are just a few of the business- and career-related titles that have been added to our shelves in the last few weeks:

  • The Foreclosure of America, by Adam Michaelson, 2009.  (Inside story of what went on within the walls of Countrywide Home Loans and other mortgage institutions.)
  • Gimme My Money Back, by Ali Velshi, 2009.  (How we got into a financial crisis--and concrete, simple steps to get you out of it.)
  • Talent Is Overrated, by Geoffrey Colvin, 2008.  (Cutting-edge research and eye-opening  facts that debunk the myth of innate talent.)
  • The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, by Matthew Miller, 2009.  ("Your company should take care of you," "The kids will earn more than we do," and other fondly held beliefs that are no longer true.)
  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to the End of Wall Street As We Know It, by Dave Kansas, 2009.  (Whether we like it or not, tomorrow won't look like yesterday.)
  • OverSuccess, by Jim Rubens, 2009.  (Outlines twenty ways in which individuals and businesses can find recognition and personal achievement without toxic burdens.)
  • Fake Work, by Brent Peterson, 2009.  (Hard work is not the same as real work.)

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