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Leave Them Smilin'

"It's our duty to extract as much money from the customer as we can and send them home with a smile on their face."  --Bob Stupak, former owner of Vegas World Casino.

The recent proliferation of casino advertising on local tv certainly abounds with smiling faces.  Not a loser anywhere in sight!  But the American Gaming Association is very upfront about this--"over time the house will come out ahead" and "casino gaming should not be considered a way to make money."  They even publish an eye-opening chart which shows, for every $100 bet, how much the player should expect to lose.  For example, the dollar slots are a "better deal" since the player should expect to lose between $2.50 and $6 per $100 bet, rather than the $7 to $12 the nickel slot player would lose.

So unless you are willing to view the loses as an entertainment expense, you'd better find your smiles elsewhere.

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