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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for kids and grown-ups alike. Jack-o'-lanterns wink at us from front porches and thoughts turn to costumes and candy corn. But along with all the treats that the season offers, it's wise to have a few safety tricks up your sleeve.

The Missouri Department of Social Services offers the following advice:

  • Stay in familiar neighborhoods/areas. Visit only homes with porch lights on.
  • Stay on sidewalks. Don't walk in the street or across yards.
  • Avoid costumes that make walking, general movement and seeing difficult.
  • Trick or treat during a time period early in the evening.
  • If after dark, carry a working flashlight.
  • Wear costumes that are easily visible after dark or have reflective markings.
  • Never leave children without adult supervision.
  • Keep away from candles or open flames.
  • Accept candy at doorstep. Never go into stranger’s homes.
  • Do not eat candy until it has been checked and approved by the supervising adult.

For further pointers you might peruse helpful articles and videos* on Halloween safety in our online databases.

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