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It Just Does Not Make Cents!

Al makes $50,000 per year while others are making $25,000 per year.  Tom makes $100,000 per year while others are making $250,000 per year.  Would you rather be Al or Tom?

Cindy is told that, as a store's 100,000th customer, she wins $100.  As a contest finalist, a man wins $1,000; Paula, the only other finalist, wins $150.  Would you rather be Cindy or Paula?

You are given $100 to split between yourself and your game partner.  If your partner accepts the proposed split, you each get to keep your share.  If your partner rejects the proposed split, neither of you gets any of the money.  How much should you offer?

See how the majority of people would answer these questions at Why People Believe Weird Things About Money.

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