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From the Stacks 

How Would You...?

Arranging books in a meaningful or practical way is the goal, but if you could arrange books in any way, how would you do it?  More...
From the Stacks 

Do You Know How to Knit Your Own Cat?

The library has crafts books that will teach you how to do almost anything, including how to knit your own cat.  More...
From the Stacks 

It was 50 Years Ago Today...

It was 50 years ago today (February 9, 1964) that the Beatles came to America. They had televised performances on the Ed Sullivan show and gained more popularity in America. The visit had a great impact on popular culture and music that continues to this day.  More...
From the Stacks 

Foreign Films

The library's film collection includes a wide variety of genres and subject matter.
One area of the collection that  people might not be familiar with is the foreign films collection. The library acquires films produced or filmed in a variety of countries.  More...
From the Stacks 

Award Season for Books

Truthfully, it is always award season for books. There are awards for every genre and style of writing. Here a few that made the national news recently. We have copies of winning titles just for you.  More...
From the Stacks 

DVDs in the Library

The Library purchases a variety of DVDs for the collection. However there are a few recording formats or types that we don't purchase for the collection. Find out more in brief explanation.  More...
From the Stacks 

One Room Makeovers: You can do this!

 We have all been there.  We visit a friend or family member's home and admire a beautiful room or two.  We contemplate a makeover in our own home but the project seems overwhelming.  Which room? And what about the budget and time?  Our house and home books will help you get started.  You could have a new room in a weekend.   More...
Books & Authors From the Stacks 

New and Notable Fantasy and Science Fiction Titles at the Library

Titles from Stephen King, George R.R. Martin and more.  More...
From the Stacks 

Salad Season Returns

 Hopefully we have seen our last snowfall of the season. We are planting gardens and flocking to our Farmers' Markets again. It's time to welcome salads back to the dinner table. Take a look at these fresh takes on salad for your next meal.    More...
From the Stacks 

Emerging Music from SXSW

Lend us your ears.  Tell us about new tunes.  You can help Springfield discover new music and make it part of our collections.    More...
From the Stacks 

Crafty Fiction

Did you know that March is National Craft Month?  Time to enjoy those crafty fiction titles that span many genres, but have some sort of craft involved.  Do you like to have characters that knit or quilt, then this list is for you.  More...
From the Stacks 

You can Art.

Do you have your own art studio? Was it a decade ago when you picked up a paintbrush or tried something crafty? Either way, we have you covered. You can Art today. Right now. Here are titles to help you find your inner artist again.   More...
From the Stacks 

Civil War Stories

  2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Springfield and other dates in American Civil war history. To help commemorate those events we are highlighting some fiction titles about the Civil War. 
From the Stacks 

The Civil War in Winter

 The Battle of Springfield was fought on January 8th, 1863.  Here are some new additions to our collections that focus on Battles of the American Civil War.     More...
From the Stacks 


Zombies continue to be a topic of interest in many areas. May is Zombie Awareness Month. Kansas has made October Zombie preparedness month for its state. The CDC has a preparedness website that is used to promote preparedness for emergencies, and zombies are being discussed on the Internet.  More...
From the Stacks 

Livin' the Nerd Life: Free E-books from Project Gutenberg

 Over 40,000 free e-books available for download.  More...
From the Stacks 

September is National Hunger Action Month

September is National Hunger Action Month.  This month also has been officially declared for the State of Missouri.  Take a look at some of our titles about hunger in America.  More...
From the Stacks 

First Novels

How does an author become the next biggest thing?  They have to publish their first novel, first.  Here are some debut novels published this spring and summer that might turn into your favorites, or give you a new author to enjoy.  More...
From the Stacks 

Ready, set Summer Olympics!

The Summer Olympics opens in London on July 27th. Get your hands on Olympic memoirs, history, rules and more before the games begin.    More...
From the Stacks 

Steampunk: a genre mash-up for all

 It might be possible to fit all of your favorite genres into one book. Steampunk fiction offers a combination of Victorian-accented alternate histories, science fiction, fantasy, romance and even horror.  With steampunk splashing the silver screen you can also see the inventions and costumes of the genre.  Here are few books to try:  More...
From the Stacks 

The Accidental Gardener

Maybe you grew up in a family of master gardeners.  Maybe you never saw a Farmers' Market until you reached adulthood.  Either way, now is the time to get your fingers in the soil.  Tackle a planter or tackle an acre with these new gardening titles.  Embrace your inner chef with some seasonal cookbooks too.  The joy is in the planting, and the eating.   More...
From the Stacks 

Back in Time

 A sense of time and place is the best part of reading a historical novel.  You can be transported back to early Roman times, World War II or even the 1990's and have a vivid picture of the life of the character in that book.  "Gone with the Wind" still evokes vivid memories of place and time for me.  Maybe a title on this list will transport you to another place or time.
From the Stacks 

Celebrate Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month. And there is a lot to celebrate. The journey starts here.  More...
From the Stacks 

A year in Graphic Novels: 2011

 2011 might well have been called the year of "something for everyone" - in regards to comics and graphic novels.  More...
From the Stacks 

Notable in Non-fiction

Do you want to know more about floating bath toys or more about how we think?
There are many nonfiction titles published each month on a variety of topics from how to repair your car to the life story of some famous, infamous or obscure people in our world.

From the Stacks 

More than Movies

Did you know that the Library's DVD collection has much more than movies?  More...
From the Stacks 

Pride and Prejudice

"Pride and Prejudice" --  the stories continue.  More...
From the Stacks 

The Eleventh Day of September

As the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 approaches many of us will be reflecting on that day and the impact it has had on our individual lives as well as our nation.  More...
From the Stacks 

The Books of Summer

With the days already growing shorter, you may be wondering what happened to your summer and all the fun things you wanted to get accomplished. If you didn't get a few good books in this summer there is still hope!  More...
From the Stacks 

Happy Shark Week!

In 1987, the Discovery Channel decided to feature a week of shark programming to promote awareness and hopefully respect for sharks. I wonder if they knew shark week would become such an integral part of pop culture. Here are some titles to compliment your sharktastic week.  More...
From the Stacks 

The Thrill of the Thriller

It has been said that the thriller is the most popular literary genre of the 20th century. While I am sure this will be argued by genre enthusiasts of all kinds, it is hard to deny that thrillers are very popular, especially here in Southwest Missouri.  More...
From the Stacks 

Armchair Travel

This summer, grab a book and travel the world.  More...
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