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Exercise Your Mind: Puzzles, Riddles, and Brain-Teasers

Do you love a good brain-twister? Can't walk away from a mind-boggler? Look no further; this is the list for you. Exercise your mind by unraveling the logic tangles found in these books.  More...
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Road Trip!

Are travel plans interfering with your reading schedule? They don't have to! With audiobooks you can take your stories on the road.   More...
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On the Trail

Spring is around the corner, are you ready to hit the trail? Take a hike with these great reads that all feature real life adventures on some of America's best known long-distance trails.   More...
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Beach Reads

A list of page-turning summer releases sure to spice up your summer getaway.  More...
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Check out these books and learn more about Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.   More...
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Seeing Green

Everyone knows you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this time of year it's hard to pass on anything green!   More...
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Our Favorite Books of 2014

Wondering what to read next? Look no further than this list of library staff favorites from 2014.  More...
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Giving Thanks

These authors remind us that it's important to count our blessings.   More...


Learn more about Missouri's new high school equivalency exam.    More...


Learn more about Missouri's new high school equivalency exam.  More...
Books & Authors

Literary Criticism

Use this pathfinder in researching sources of literary criticism.  More...

Finding Automotive Repair Information

Tips for successfully searching for automotive repair information in print and on a computer.
Telephone & Addresses

Reverse Phone Number Lookup

A reverse phone number lookup may reveal who has been trying to reach you.  More...

Researching Your Art

Whether you're researching a family heirloom or a yard sale find, your investigating can be rewarding.  More...

Caring for Artwork

 If a work is personally meaningful, even if it carries no monetary value, you should consider preserving it. The medium, or materials used to make an artwork, will determine the necessary care of the piece.  More...

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