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Women in Science

While science is often considered a male dominated field, women have made important contributions to the subject as well. Recently, several titles have been released that highlight the history of how woman have supplied research, completed experiments and helped create new inventions. 

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Fictional Illusionists

Not all novels that deal with magic include wizards, sorcery, and witches. These novels tell about the stage show side of magic and feature professional conjurors and illusionists. 

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Winter Weather Driving Tips

The Winter weather season is now officially upon us and will bring changing temperatures and road conditions. A little planning ahead for your trip can help you arrive safely to your destination.  More...
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Alternative History

In an alternative history novel, one or more past events are changed to create a new outcome for the storyline.  More...
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Campaign Fiction

No matter your political affiliation, you are sure to find a book on this list to vote for.  More...

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