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Egad! You'll Want to Read Jennifer Egan

A fearless wordsmith sparks national conversations on the role of women writers, care for bipolar children, and who should win the Pulitzer.  More...
Books & Authors Books & Authors 

Elena Ferrante: Italy's "It" Writer

Elena Ferrante "may be the best contemporary novelist you've never heard of." —The Economist  More...
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Brainstorming Better

Fresh out of new ideas? Creativity books can be a portal to your aspirations.  More...
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Will John Green Ever Forget to Be Awesome?

This author writes for teenagers, but he doesn’t do a lot of the things that young adult fiction writers do these days.  More...
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Of Books and Lists

It's time for best-of-2013 booklists, and the Library has great booklists for you all year long.  More...

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