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Death and Dying: Conversations on End-of-Life Matters

"'Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes," wrote Christopher Bullock in "The Cobbler of Preston" (1716) -- a quote often attributed to Mark Twain or Benjamin Franklin. And while taxes have fluctuated since the origin of the adage, Bullock, Twain and Franklin were right: death remains a constant.
A series of programs at the Library in October examines our relationship with death and end-of-life issues.
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Contemporary Latin American Authors

Latin American authors are often considered the originators of magical realism. A slew of contemporary authors writing from the south continue to produce fantastic, boundary-pushing fiction.
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Remembering John Lennon

The iconic Beatle was shot in front of his Manhattan apartment building 34 years ago December 8, but his legacy lives on. Check out these books and DVDs to learn more about the musician's life and work.   More...
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Our Favorite Books of 2013

It's time for Best of 2013 lists! Since no one knows books quite like librarians, we asked staff members from across the Springfield-Greene County Library District to choose their year-end favorites. Read on to discover our picks.   More...
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Search Census Data with My Congressional District

My Congressional District, a new interactive tool from the U.S. Census Bureau, makes it easier to find the statistics you need. Simply select your district and instantly view information on American jobs, education, housing, and more. Then, share it on your Facebook or embed it on your webpage for easy access.  More...

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