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Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear
by Sharon Dunn Details
Ginger and her husband, Earl, are in for a wild ride in Calamity, Nevada, along with the other BHN ladies-college student Kindra, mother-of-four Suzanne, and sassy senior Arleta. They came to town for the Invention Expo and some outlet shopping, but instead they endure lost luggage, broken air conditioning, and a long line of people angry at hotel owner Dustin Clydell.
Double Minds
by Terri Blackstock Details
Struggling to succeed in the Nashville music scene, talented singer/songwriter Parker James finds the competition fierce even deadly. A young woman s murder, industry corruption, and a menacing stalker draw Parker into danger and intrigue. Nothing is as it appears, and unraveling the truth challenges everything Parker believes about her talent, her future, and her faith.
Kill Me If You Can
by Nicole Young Details
Patricia Amble might be down, but she's not dead--yet. As if she didn't already have enough questions about her mother's suicide, Tish is forced to confront one more. She is renovating a northern Michigan log cabin, one in which she spent her childhood summers. But what she finds doesn't speak of carefree vacations in the woods: a torn photo of her mother with the words "don't ask why" written across her face. Combined with mysterious relatives and a backwoods drug ring, this 26-year-old mystery may be more than she can handle.
Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man
by Claudia Mair Burney Details
The first book in the Amanda Bell Brown series, Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man finds the title character using her skills as a psychologist-sleuth to solve a mystery, undercovering an underground cult and the abuse associated with it
Rhapsody in Red
by Donn Taylor Details
Preston Barclay is a self-made recluse (and he likes it that way). Teaching college history allows him time to grieve the loss of his pianist wife and find relief from the musical hallucinations that have been playing in his head since her death. But when he and headstrong colleague, Mara Thorn, discover the body of another instructor on campus, Press's monotonous solitude is shaken up. When the preliminary evidence singles out Press and Mara, they must take some chances (including trusting each other) to build their own defense-by bending the rules just a little bit.
Shadows of Lancaster County
by Mindy Starns Clark Details
Anna thought she left the tragedies of the past behind when she moved from Pennsylvania to California, but when her brother vanishes from the genetics lab where he works, Anna has no choice but to head back home. She knows she must depend on her instincts, her faith in God, and the help of the Amish community to find her brother.
by A.J. Kiesling Details
When Claire Trowling's sister Becca vanishes from her home and leaves her husband a note telling him not to worry, Claire embarks on a search that takes her to old family sites in North Carolina and England. As she seeks her skizzer (childhood lingo for sister) and uncovers pieces of the Trowlings' family heritage, including a famous pendant with sacred significance, Claire rediscovers her Christian faith and begins to understand long-cherished family secrets.
The Archbishop in Andalusia
by Andrew Greeley Details
Taking leave of his usual Chicago haunts, Archbishop John Blackwood Ryan travels to the south of Spain in this latest mystery by bestselling author Greeley. The local cardinal has summoned the wily archbishop to Spain in hopes that Blackie can avert a murder before it happens.
Through the Fire
by Diane Noble Details
When Kate Hanlon and Paul Hanlon leave their home in San Antonio to take over the pastorate of Faith Briar Church, they are excited about embracing the small town way of life, but when they arrive in Copper Mill to see their new church in flames, it quickly becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. And when evidence shows that the fire is not an accident, Kate knows she has to discover who is behind it. As she investigates, she makes friends-and a few enemies-in town, and threatening phone calls, mysterious packages, and a life and death chase only make her more certain that she is on the right path.
Winter Haven
by Athol Dickson Details
Eleven years ago, Vera Gamble's brother left their house never to be seen again. Until the day Vera gets a phone call that his body has been found...washed ashore in the tiny island town of Winter Haven, Maine. His only surviving kin, Vera travels north to claim the body..and finds herself tumbling into a tangled mystery.
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