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A Delirious Summer: A Novel
by Ray Blackston Details
Neil Rucker has been teaching Spanish to missionaries in Ecuador and has not had a date in seven months. So when one of his old students offers him a place to stay in South Carolina, Neil heads north for eight weeks of sun, sand, and single, churchgoing women. One by one, he meets the "Ladies of the Quest," an email group of local young women who go from church to church scouting for marriageable men.
A Summer Sentence
by Carolynn Carey Details
Megan Marsh was just passing through McCray County, Tennessee on her way to a career in Chicago, but after a run-in with an overzealous deputy involving a bee, a slap, a speeding ticket, and a heap of misunderstanding, she finds herself suddenly immersed in small town life serving a summer sentence.
by Nancy Lieberman Details
For Manhattan's most affluent parents, the Tuesday after Labor Day marks the beginning of the city's most competitive and vicious blood sport: the start of the private school admissions process. But for Helen Drager, mother of Zoe, it shouldn't be such an ordeal. After all, Helen's best friend Sara is an admissions officer at Zoe's current K-8. But Sara's position becomes precarious, and Helen soon finds herself drawn ever deeper into the mounting lunacy generated by the fierce competition.
Becoming Strangers
by Louise Dean Details
After more than half a century of marriage, Dorothy and George are embarking on their first journey abroad together. Three decades younger, Jan and Annemieke are taking the last in their tumultuous union. At first the luxury of a Caribbean resort is no match for the habits of domestic life. Then the couples'paths cross, and a series of surprises ensues.
Color Her Dead
by Steve Brown Details
Susan Chase works as a lifeguard on Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand, but she also specializes in finding runaways. When bitchy, penny-pinching Mrs. Rogers wants her 26-year-old daughter found, Susan almost refuses; however, once decided, she struts her attitudinal stuff in the face of jealous lovers, "artistic" temperaments, neighborhood drug sellers, and lecherous art dealers.
Firefly Lane
by Kristin Hannah Details
In the turbulent summer of 1974, Kate Mularkey is at the bottom of the eighth-grade social food chain -- and she's accepted it. Then, to her surprise, the “coolest girl in the world” moves into the neighborhood and wants to be her friend. The new girl, Tully, seems to have it all: beauty, brains, ambition. But Kate soon learns that Tully has a secret that is destroying her.
Heat Wave
by Jill Marie Landis Details
California P.I. Kat Vargas has promised herself to steer clear of intimacy ever since her dream life with her first love and fiancé came to a tragic end. One day, an attractive man named Ty Chandler walks into Kat's office desperate to find the child he gave up years ago. So begins a passionate love story of the mending of two broken hearts.
Leeway Cottage
by Beth Gutcheon Details
Sydney Brant grows up adored by her father and largely criticized by her mother. After her father's death, a miserable Sydney moves to New York City to study music. There, she falls in love with Laurus Moss, a Danish pianist whom she eventually marries. When World War II breaks out, Laurus moves to London to help build the Danish Resistance and save Denmark's Jews from Nazi extermination. Meanwhile, Sydney gives birth to a daughter who, sadly, will not meet her father until the war is over. Though Sydney turns into a woman not unlike the mother she despises, her marriage endures.
Seven Sunny Days
by Chris Manby Details
Rachel Buckley and her two best friends, Carrie Ann and Yaslyn, are headed to a resort in Turkey for “hen week” before Rachel ties the knot with Patrick. Carrie Ann has just finalized her divorce from her husband of 15 years. Yaslyn, a model whose career is sliding downhill, is dating one of Patrick's good friends but can't help lapping up the male attention she receives at the resort. As one would expect, nothing goes quite as planned for any of the guests.
Summer Breeze
by Catherine Anderson Details
The year is 1889, and Rachel Hollister hasn't set foot outside her house in five years. Ever since a savage attack left her family dead, she's cordoned herself off from the outside world, afraid to let anyone into her home -- or into her heart. But now trouble has appeared on her doorstep -- and suddenly she has no choice but to let a handsome rancher enter her well-guarded existence.
Tea and Witchery
by Maire Dees Details
In Cassadaga, Florida, the paranormal is normal and chats with the dead are an everyday occurrence. Lynn is unaware of the town's psychic connection when she drives into town for a visit with her aunt. But strangeness turns dangerous when the president of the Psychic Society is murdered after being cursed by a coven of witches.
The Floodmakers
by Mylene Dressler Details
Harry Buell has come at his stepmother's request to visit his aging playwright father, Dee, who has lately refused to take his heart medication. Harry's histrionic sister, Sarah, and her husband, Paul, arrive during a freak Southern hailstorm, cameras in tow, intent on finishing a documentary on the life and distinguished writing career of Papa Buell. Under the bright lights of the cameras, terrible family secrets are confronted and relationships tested.
The Summer He Didn't Die
by Jim Harrison Details
Consists of three novellas. The title piece, set in Harrison's familiar stomping ground of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, is an earthy and exuberant tale of good-hearted ne'er-do-well Brown Dog and his attempt to keep his brain-damaged stepdaughter out of a state boarding school while dallying with whatever women may be available in Escanaba. "Republican Wives" ranges further afield, concerning three former sorority sisters, Martha, Frances, and Shirley, who were all once involved with Daryl, a self-absorbed and abusive artist. The autobiographical "Tracking" is a reminiscence of the writer's life.
The Summer We Got Saved
by Pat Cunningham Devoto Details
Alabama in the 1960s was still in denial about the civil rights movement. Tab Rutland proudly proclaimed that Cousin John Lester was one of the founding members of the Klu Klux Klan. Her sister, Tina, was too interested in makeup and boys to bother with history or politics. And their father would back the same tired candidate for governor because that's what his kinfolk always did -- until Aunt Eugenia visits from California and talks the girls into going to visit a wealthy cousin in Chattanooga. On the way, she admits that her real plan is to educate the girls by taking them to the Highlander Folk School once attended by Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. And back home, their father breaks with tradition and backs a new candidate for governor who just might beat Wallace.
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