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by Nicola Griffith Details
Aud Torvingen the stylish half-American, half-Norwegian lesbian ex-cop and self-defense teacher is still grieving over the shooting death of her lover, Julia, a year earlier. She welcomes the chance to leave Atlanta, accompanied by her friend, Matthew Dornan, to visit her mother, Else, in Seattle. There sabotage of a TV pilot in production disrupts their vacation. Adding romantic tension is Victoria "Kick" Kuiper, a caterer and former stuntwoman, to whom both Aud and Matthew are attracted.
Call Me By Your Name
by Andre Aciman Details
Seventeen-year-old Elio, the extremely well-read, sensitive and the son of a prominent expatriate professor, finds himself troublingly attracted to this year's visiting resident scholar, recruited by his father from an American university. Oliver is 24, breezy and spontaneous, and at work on a book about Heraclitus. The young men loll about in bathing suits, play tennis, jog along the Italian Riviera and flirt. Both also flirt (and more) with women among their circle of friends, but Elio, who narrates, yearns for Oliver.
Light Fell
by Evan Fallenberg Details
When literature professor Joseph Licht invites his five adult sons to celebrate his 50th birthday in 1996 Tel Aviv, he hopes to win his boys' love and forgiveness by plying them with their favorite foods. From that opening in Fallenberg's ambitious debut, Joseph's life unfolds in retrospect: 20 years earlier, as a married father of five, Joseph discovers he is gay as he falls in love with a charismatic and married rabbi.
Stray Dog Winter
by David Francis Details
In 1984, Australian artist Darcy Bright reluctantly travels to Moscow at the request of his half-sister/cousin Fin, a fellow artist commissioned to paint the city's industrial landscapes. Darcy finds that he is still helpless against Fin's manipulations, which include her using Darcy's portfolio to score her job. On top of that, he must also contend with expatriate Cuban Aurelio, a Moscow patrolman. After Darcy's brief affair with Aurelio, the novel jumps into thriller territory, layered with blackmail, political intrigue, sex, secret agendas and escalating violence.
The Mirror and the Mask
by Ellen Hart Details
Minneapolis restaurateur Jane Lawless is at crossroads. The rough economy has put her plans for a third restaurant on hold, and her long distance romance is on the rocks. Unsure of what to do next, she takes her friend A. J. up on his standing offer to take her on as a private investigator. Her first job seems simple enough:all she has to do is find Annie Archer’s stepfather. But Jane finds it hard to reconcile the difference between PI work—finding what people pay you to find—and uncovering the truth, the whole truth, especially when clues in this seemingly simple case point to more threatening family secrets than where Annie’s father has been hiding out.
The Teahouse Fire
by Ellis Avery Details
In 1865, nine-year-old Aurelia Caillard is taken from New York to Japan by her missionary uncle Charles while her ailing mother dies at home. Charles soon vanishes in a fire, leaving Aurelia orphaned and alone in Kyoto. She is taken in by Yukako, the teenage daughter of the Shin family, master teachers of temae, or tea ceremony. Aurelia, narrating as an elderly woman, tells of living as Yukako's servant and younger sister, and how what begins as grateful puppy love for Yukako matures over the years into a deeply painful unrequited obsession.
What We Remember
by Michael Thomas Ford Details
The body of sheriff Daniel McCloud, who went missing seven years ago, is discovered buried in a box in the woods. As the investigation by the current sheriff, Nate Derry, progresses, the McClouds must come to terms with their father's murder. Meanwhile McCloud's son, James, becomes the prime suspect.
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