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Elizabeth I: A True Renaissance Woman

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All the Queen's Men: The World of Elizabeth I
by Peter Brimacombe Details
Brimacombe offers a history of the esteemed queen's reign, with a focus on the men of her court, including the statesmen, seafarers, explorers, suitors, men of God, scholars, and soldiers.
Elizabeth I, CEO: Strategic Lessons from the Leader Who Built an Empire
by Alan Axelrod Details
Alan Axelrod, noted historian and business management expert, reveals how Elizabeth I overcame daunting obstacles to win intense loyalty and lead England to greatness. How did Elizabeth meet the challenges that faced her, managing not only to stay alive and keep her imperiled nation afloat, but also to win the intense loyalty of her people and lead England to greatness? Historians and biographers have offered many explanations. Elizabeth I, CEO takes a fresh view, exploring issues that are relevant to leaders -- especially business leaders -- of today.
Elizabeth's London: Everyday Life in Elizabethan London
by Liza Picard Details
Liza Picard immerses her readers in the spectacular details of daily life in the London of Queen Elizabeth (1558-1603). She examines the streets and the traffic in them; she surveys building methods and shows us the decor of the rich and the not-so-rich. Picard then turns her eye to the Londoners themselves, many of whom were afflicted by the plague, smallpox, and other diseases. Picard's wonderfully vivid prose enables us to share the satisfaction and delights, as well as the vexations and horrors, of the everyday lives of the denizens of 16th-century London.
Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne
by David Starkey Details
In this spirited United Kingdom bestseller, Starkey presents a brilliant examination of the formative years of the "Virgin Queen, " recreating a host of extravagant characters, mad-cap schemes, and tragic plots, while using original documents to depict the princess's tumultuous life before her accession to the throne in 1588.
Queen Elizabeth I
by Susan Doran Details
This biography of Elizabeth I, by a leading scholar, reveals a tough and determined "Virgin Queen", whose education, wit, and wisdom enabled her to succeed in the often turbulent and hostile world of her reign. Charting Elizabeth's childhood, schooling, and family life as well as her relationships with her ministers and suitors, Susan Doran discusses her motivation and the personal qualities that sustained her as queen. Illustrated throughout with portraits, rare historical documents, and letters in Elizabeth's own hand, this book provides an engaging, authoritative account of Queen Elizabeth I's life and times.
Updated 12/31/2011
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