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Even Superheroes Have Bad Days
by Shelly Becker Details
A group of superheroes are having a bad day and learn to cope with their emotions.
by Christopher Silas Neal Details
Journey with a young boy as he explores the full range of emotions that everyone feels.
Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus
by Edward Hemingway Details
A field guide to the fierce but adorable grumpasaurus, found in every home where there are small children.
I Used to be Afraid
by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Details
Exploring the many forms fear can take and the importance of overcoming it.
Ishi: Simple Tips From a Solid Friend
by Akiko Yabuki Details
Meet Ishi, an optimistic little rock who reminds readers to choose and share happiness!
Move Your Mood!
by Brenda S. Miles Details
Provides a fun active way to learn about emotions, linking movement with mood.
My Many Colored Days
by Dr. Seuss Details
This rhyming story describes each day in terms of a particular color which in turn is associated with specific emotions.
The Very Grumpy Day
by Stella J. Jones Details
A grumpy mood spreads throughout the woods when a sequence of animals, from Bear and Mole to Hedgehog and Fox, upset each other in turn, a situation that necessitates a little love to set things right.
When Lions Roar
by Robie H. Harris Details
Loud, scary noises frighten a child until quiet and calmness return.
When Sophie's Feelings Are Really, Really Hurt
by Molly Bang Details
Sophie is hurt when the other children laugh at her and tell her she's wrong. A story that tackles the issues of hurt feelings and the power of kindness.
Wild Feelings
by David Milgrim Details
Do you ever feel as stubborn as a mule? Or as chicken as a chicken? Of course you do. Looks at the normal, natural feelings we all have.
Updated 10/01/2016
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