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George Washington's Spy: A Time Travel Adventure
by Elvira Woodruff Details
Ten-year-old Matt and six other children travel to 1776 Boston, living out American history as they meet Benjamin Franklin, learn about colonial medicine, and become part of a rebel spy ring.
Harriet the Spy
by Louise Fitzhugh Details
Eleven-year-old Harriet keeps notes on her classmates and neighbors in a secret notebook, but when some of the students read the notebook, they seek revenge.
Series -
Harriet the Spy
Lulu's Mysterious Mission
by Judith Viorst Details
Lulu has put her tantrum-throwing days behind her. That is, until her parents announce that they are going on vacation--without Lulu. Not only that, but they are leaving her with the formidable Ms. Sonia Sofia Solinsky, who reveals an astonishing secret.
Series -
MI29: Mouseweb International to the Rescue!
by S.J. Tozer Details
Operating out of a lost property cupboard at Abbotsford Airport, Mouseweb International agent Windsor Smith and his family devise a plot to help Lily Jane Watson, a thirteen-year-old human in desperate need.
My Explosive Diary
by Emily Gale Details
Eliza Boom is the daughter of a spy gadget inventor who hopes to create a great invention like her father, but first she needs to get a roll of her father's top-secret film back from the class bully Zoe Wakefield.
Series -
Eliza Boom
Spy School
by Stuart Gibbs Details
Twelve-year-old Ben Ripley leaves his public middle school to attend the CIA's highly secretive Espionage Academy, which everyone is told is an elite science school.
Starring Jules (Super-Secret Spy Girl)
by Beth Ain Details
Second grade is over and Jules is on her way to Quebec to film a spy movie, but she misses all her friends, and with only a hockey player and a diva starlet as cast mates in a place where nobody speaks English, she is feeling lonely--and her mother will not even let her go bungee-jumping.
Series -
Starring Jules
The Song of the Winns: The Secret of the Ginger Mice
by Frances Watts Details
Alex, Alice and Alistair think they are just three ordinary mice, until Alistair mysteriously vanishes. Then Alex and Alice learn a secret about their family: a secret which means Alistair's life is in danger - unless Alex and Alice can find him first.
Updated 11/21/2015
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