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Baby Night-Night
by Kate Merritt Details
Baby takes a bath. Splash! Baby puts on pajamas. Cozy! Baby gets kisses. Night-night!
Buenas noches motores / Good Night Engines
by Denise Downing Mortensen Details
In this rhyming bedtime book, vehicles wind down for the night and roll off to bed. Luminous paintings depict a little boy playing with toy engines in his bedroom, and life-sized engines in the outside world. The soothing text and large, up-close pictures of vehicles such as trucks, planes, and fire engines will make this a favorite bedtime or naptime story for little ones who are fascinated with things that go.
Global Baby Bedtimes
by Maya Ajmera Details
In pictures and simple text, babies in different countries and cultures go through the same rituals at bedtime.
How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep?
by Jane Yolen Details
In rhyming text a young dinosaurs try to avoid going to bed, but finally cooperate, to their parents' relief.
Little Hoot
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal Details
Little Hoot wants to go to bed early, like all of his friends do, and he is hopping mad when Mama and Papa Owl insist that he stay up late and play.
Lullaby & Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love With Your Baby
by Lee Bennett Hopkins Details
A collection of thirty original rhymes to delight babies from playtime to bedtime!
My Favorite Bedtime Rhymes
by Sanja Rescek Details
Snuggle up with your little one to share this wonderful collection of bedtime rhymes, including "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", "Rock-A-Bye, Baby", and "Five in the Bed".
Shhh! I'm Sleeping
by Dorothee De Monfreid Details
Everyone is sound asleep, but when Popov starts snoring, the others wake up. Nono wants a story, Zaza wants to switch beds, Kipp wants a drink of water....Will anyone sleep tonight?
Shhh! This Book is Sleeping
by Cedric Ramadier Details
Hold this book gently because it's very sleepy! A mouse inside the pages invites you to read the book a bedtime story, tuck it in with a cozy blanket, and give it a hug and a kiss.
Sleepy ABC
by Margaret Wise Brown Details
Simple rhymes for each letter of the alphabet are illustrated with an array of toddlers and babies saying goodnight.
Spot Loves Bedtime
by Eric Hill Details
It's time for bed! Spot is ready to snuggle up and go to sleep. But where is Teddy?
Series -
Tickle My Ears
by Jörg Mühle Details
A sweet and simple interactive board book that offers a charming new bedtime ritual.
Wild! Bedtime
by Courtney Dicmas Details
Bedtimes can be wild, especially when animal babies are involved! Sometimes messy, often chaotic, and always exhausting, they offer perfect bonding opportunities- of a kind.
Updated 01/03/2017

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