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A Haunted Halloween
by Ray O'Ryan Details
Although Halloween is not celebrated on the planet Nebulon, Zach, a boy from Earth, discovers that ghosts may be real.
Anna, Banana, and the Friendship Split
by Anica Rissi Details
Anna and Sadie have always been best friends so when Sadie suddenly starts being mean, Anna is very sad and seeks support from her dog Banana and classmate Isabel, as well as advice from her brother Chuck and her parents.
Series -
Anna, Banana
Change is in the Air, Mallory
by Laurie Friedman Details
Ten-year-old Mallory is not looking forward to the summer as her friends are either moving or away on vacation, but she soon learns that some changes can be good, and some things are forever.
Series -
Mallory McDonald
Lex Luthor's Power Grab!
by Louise Simonson Details
Lex Luther wants Superman out of the way, so he busts the Parasite out of jail and gets him to drain Superman's powers--and it is up to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to free him.
Operation Orca
by Ron Roy Details
Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose must solve a mystery when they go whale watching in Alaska.
Power of the Fire Dragon
by Tracy West Details
When the king decides to take the dragons to Arkwood to visit Queen Rose, Rori, Drake, and their dragons are left behind--so when the evil wizard Maldred attacks the castle riding a giant four-headed dragon that spits poison, the two young dragon masters and their dragons are forced to defend the castle by themselves.
Series -
Dragon Masters
Rampage of the Goblins
by Tommy Donbavand Details
Life on Scream Street is becoming unbearable, and Luke, Resus, and Cleo must speed up their quest to save the neighborhood.
Series -
Scream Street
by Kate Klimo Details
Stubby the war dog narrates the story of his life, from his birth on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut, through his time spent in Europe with the American Expeditionary Force, to his eventual hero's welcome back in the U.S
Series -
Dog Diaries
The Disappearing Magician
by Kate Egan Details
Mike's magic tricks have helped him learn how to focus, earn extra credit, improve his reputation and stand up for himself. But his new confidence is about to face its biggest challenge yet - the school talent show!
Series -
Magic Shop
Welcome Home!
by Kristin Earhart Details
Willa Dunlap and her younger brother, Ben, are new to Chincoteague Island. Their parents are busy planning the opening of a bed-and-breakfast, which gives the kids plenty of time to explore. But with so many new people and places to get used to, Willa worries Chincoteague will never, ever feel like home.
Updated 08/27/2015
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