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African American Christian Fiction

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A Heart of Devotion
by Tia McCollors Details
Best friends Anisha Blake and Sherri Dawson have been inseparable for the last five years - until Anisha is swept away by Tyson Randall. When Anisha becomes the object of Tyson's affection, she believes her prayers for a knight in shining armor are answered. But as their romance grows, Anisha's intimate relationship with God becomes an afterthought instead of her first thought. With life crumbling around her, Anisha is faced with choices she was sure she'd never have to make. An inspiring and emotional journey through adversity and spiritual self-discovery.
A Lova' Like No Otha'
by Stephanie Perry Moore Details
When thunder and lightning strike on the morning of Zoe Clark's wedding, her seemingly perfect world is turned upside-down as she loses her fiance to a pregnant girlfriend she never knew he had. With her engagement shattered, all her life's plans seem over. Unemployed, sinking deeply into depression, and wrongly blaming God for her troubles, Zoe seriously contemplates ending her life. But God sends Chase Farr to reintroduce Zoe to the importance of having God in her life. Yet when Zoe's friendship with Chase turns romantic, he suddenly backs away-further confusing Zoe with his decision to remain a virgin. Through life's twists and turns of celebration and sorrow, Zoe ultimately learns what it means to truly trust in God-but in the end, does this revelation come too late to fix things with Chase?
Ain't No River
by Sharon Ewell Foster Details
Meemaw has been a doting mother, grandmother, and church mother to her community. Suddenly she's become a slimmed-down, silver-haired, seventy-something fox with a new attitude. And all fingers are pointing at a much younger ex-pro football player, GoGo Walker. When D.C. lawyer Garvin Daniels -- Meemaw's granddaughter -- gets wind of what's happening, she heads back to her hometown determined to help her Meemaw get it together before she goes too far.
Awakening Mercy
by Angela Benson Details
CeCe Williams is a young, up-from-poverty African American woman, an unwed mother who, through hard work and pluck, has established a career in real estate. Her personal life is devoted to her son, David, and she avoids men like the bad news they've been. Suddenly, CeCe is summoned to court for dozens of unpaid parking tickets--she was so busy, she forgot about them--and the judge sentences her to community service with Genesis House, an African American Christian charity working in one of Atlanta's most disadvantaged neighborhoods. CeCe finds herself counseling teenagers about careers and pregnancy, and she falls in love with the earnest young director of Genesis House, Nate Richardson.
Series -
Genesis House
Boaz Brown
by Michelle Stimpson Details
LaShondra Smith has a great job, a strong faith, and supportive friends. What she lacks is a special man with whom to spend her life until she meets Stelson Brown, who embodies everything she is looking for in a partner-except that he is white. Getting closer to Stelson means enduring the reactions of her family and friends as well as facing her own unresolved fears and subconscious prejudices.
by Michelle Larks Details
Monet and Marcus Caldwell are living their version of the American dream in Chicago; the only thing missing from their life together is a child. Then Monet is brutally assaulted and becomes pregnant, causing a cold war of monumental proportions to break out in the Caldwell household.
Losing It
by Zaria Garrison Details
Grammy award-winning gospel singer and Christian actress Sharmaine Cleveland is having a bad year. She has been arrested and charged with the attempted murder of her husband, Leon. This follows on the heels of another scandal involving sex tapes allegedly starring Sharmaine that have been distributed to news stations across the country. Her latest CD release is a flop, while her newest movie release has been placed on hold indefinitely. Believing she wants him dead, her husband Leon abandons her, and her mother-in-law forcibly takes her children. Sharmaine's life is sinking fast. Will she go under, or will God be able to pick her up and put the pieces back together?
Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man
by Claudia Mair Burney Details
The first book in the Amanda Bell Brown series, Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man finds the title character using her skills as a psychologist-sleuth to solve a mystery, undercovering an underground cult and the abuse associated with it
Selling My Soul
by Sherri L. Lewis Details
The front page of The Washington Times screams "Church Sex Scandal!" Barely off the plane from Africa for two minutes and some American sensationalism is there to greet Trina Michaels. Glad not to be in public relations anymore, Trina plans to ignore the headline. Until she recognizes the faces of the accused.
Sheena's Dreams
by Marilyn Mayo Anderson Details
Since the death of her high school sweetheart, Sheena's life has been spiraling downward at a rapid pace. That's when Jason Grey steps in. Sheena is everything he's ever wanted in a woman, and he is determined to make her his wife. But there's one problem: Jason's present girlfriend, Ruby, has no intentions of letting him go. As these three lives become intertwined, Sheena starts having vivid nightmares about Jason. She's convinced he's in imminent danger, but even worse, her dreams are suggesting that she might be the one destined to do him harm. Is Sheena suppressing a dark, evil side which is revealed only in her dreams? And if so, will God intervene before it's too late?
by Jacquelin Thomas Details
Deborah Anne Peterson lifts her voice to God each week in the choir of her church, but this week something's different. Famous rapper Triage Blue, visiting his grandmother during a break from his album tour, thinks that Deborah has the talent to make it as a star. As the two become friends, Triage arranges an audition for Deborah as a backup singer for one of the hottest acts on the circuit, and her talent assures her the spot. But in her drive to become rich and famous, Deborah hasn't forgotten that God gave her the voice she uses, and she is soon disenchanted with the back-stabbing, drugs, and casual sex taking place around her.
Up at the College
by Michele Andrea Bowen Details
Yvonne turned her life over to God when her husband divorced her and she moved back to Durham, North Carolina, with her two early-teen daughters. Now employed by Eva T. University as an adjunct professor, she attracts the attention of sexy basketball coach Curtis Parker, who struggles between his faith commitment and his urge to be in control. It's up to the faithful such as Yvonne, her cousin Maurice (assistant coach and good friend), and Curtis' grandmother to convince him that only when he walks with God will he be successful in the current basketball season and fulfilled in his personal life.
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