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A Dangerous Silence
by Catherine Palmer Details
A group of suspicious scientists looking for Indian remains on the family farm; and Judd Hunter, a mysterious drifter looking for work. As Marah uncovers Judd's real purpose in coming to the farm (he is an FBI undercover agent), she also discovers the true purpose behind the scientists' mission. They are in fact bio-terrorists looking for samples of smallpox, eradicated by the World Health Organization during the 1970s.
Body Double
by Tess Gerritsen Details
Returning from Paris to discover a murder victim in her driveway, Boston medical examiner Maura Isles is shocked to discover that the victim looks exactly like her and is a twin sister she never knew.
Doctored Evidence: A Suspense Novel
by Michael M. Biehl Details
Investigating a bizarre death that occurred during a routine medical procedure, hospital staff lawyer Karen Hayes begins to suspect that foul play was involved and soon finds herself in a dangerous web involving an ambitious hospital administrator, scheming doctors, and a Medicare fraud conspiracy.
by Frank Robinson Details
Dennis, a college-age young man and an adoptee, wakes up in a small private hospital in San Francisco after a minor car accident to discover that one of his organs is missing. He's an involuntary transplant donor. He flees to a municipal hospital, only to learn that this is the second organ to be harvested from him.
Heart Seizure
by Bill Fitzhugh Details
When a heart becomes available for donation, a slew of zealous competitors go to outrageous lengths to claim the organ, from a do-gooding lawyer to a pair of unscrupulous government agents, in a tale that follows a cross-country auto race.
by Peter Clement Details
A new and vicious strain of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) has hit America hard and is menacing the hospital like a wolf at the door. Wrapped in spacesuit-like garb to search for every possible source of infection, the hospital staff desperately tries to protect the lives of patients -- and of each other.
Lie Still: A Novel of Suspense
by David Farris Details
Treating an emotionally disturbed thirteen-year-old who lies in a coma after suffering a mysterious cardiac arrest, surgery resident Malcolm Ishamail finds his efforts compromised by his vengeful former lover, a charismatic brain surgeon with a dark past.
by Robin Cook Details
Investigating a series of deaths that have taken place among seemingly healthy young people after routine surgeries, doctors Montgomery and Stapleton confront institutional politics that prevent them from proving that the deaths were intentional.
Revolution No. 9
by Neil McMahon Details
Abducted by the followers of a paramilitary sociopath responsible for a series of bizarre, high-profile murders, Dr. Carroll Monks is ensconced within a backwoods community and forced to care for his captor's dangerously ill son.
The Last Nazi
by Stanley Pottinger Details
Office of Special Investigations lawyer Melissa Gale works to track down Adalwolf, a protege of the Butcher of Auschwitz, who has turned up in America intending to commit murder by unleashing a virus through Melissa's unborn child.
The Society
by Michael Palmer Details
Working diligently at a trauma center, surgeon Will Grant, a member of a group that works against insurance companies to prevent unjust cost-cutting practices, is accused by detective Patty Moriarity of killing managed-care executives.
by Patricia Cornwell Details
Now freelancing from south Florida, Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns to her old haunts in Richmond, Virginia, only to encounter a host of baffling and unwelcome surprises as she investigates the death of a fourteen-year-old girl.
Series -
Kay Scarpetta
Updated 10/03/2011
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