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Mara, Daughter of the Nile
by Eloise Jarvis McGraw Details
The adventures of an ingenious Egyptian slave girl who undertakes a dangerous assignment as a spy in the royal palace of Thebes, in the days when Queen Hatshepsut ruled.
Memoirs of Cleopatra
by Margaret George Details
Cleopatra narrates the story of her rich and passionate life as Queen of one of the wealthiest kingdoms in the world. One of George's strengths is her ability to weave the personal aspects of a ruler's life with her political role and actions.
by Karen Essex Details
Kleopatra, aged twenty-two, determines that the best hope for Egypt is for her to form an alliance with the Roman Empire. She puts Egypt above all, joining herself politically and romantically with Caesar, and after his death, Antony.
Reflections in the Nile
by J. Suzanne Frank Details
After entering an ancient chamber on an archeological dig, Chloe Kingsley is sent back in time to the year 1452 B.C. to the Egyptian court of Hatshepsut and into the body of a corrupt priestess, where she is now forced to face her new environment and the challenges it holds.
Valley of the Kings : A Novel of Tutankhamun
by Cecelia Holland Details
In the 1920s, Howard Carter narrates his tale of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb. The scene then switches to 3,500 years earlier, when Tutankhamun fights with his beautiful mother, Nefertiti, for control of the kingdom. Tutankhamun died mysteriously as a youth, and this novel suggests the reason why.
War of the Crowns: A Novel of Ancient Egypt
by Christian Jacq Details
In the seventeenth century BC, when Egypt was overtaken by the barbarian Hyksos tribes, the country's survival lies in the hands of one strong woman, Queen Ahotep.
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