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Colonial America and the Revolutionary War

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Brigid's Charge
by Cynthia Lamb Details
This novel of the origin of the Jersey Devil legend begings in New Jersey's Pine Barrens in 1704, when an English woman named Deborah Smith arrives from England to marry Japhet Leeds. Deborah, a healer, adapts well to her husband's Quaker beliefs, though she keeps her own faith closely guarded. Her closest friend is her former servant Erin, who shares her belief in the goddess Brigid. When Deborah becomes pregnant with her thirteenth child at age fifty, it arouses suspicions of witchcraft.
Citizen Washington
by William Martin Details
After Washington's death, a young man is sent to interview the people who knew him best before the truth becomes lost to history. Through the accounts of a slave at Mount Vernon, Alexander Hamilton, and other political associates, and wife Martha. Washington emerges as an imperfect yet heroic individual.
Dark Eagle: A Novel of Benedict Arnold and the Revolutionary War
by John Ensor Harr Details
Dark Eagle is an epic defense of Benedict Arnold's treasonous behavior in the Revolutionary War, during which he plotted to turn West Point and the U.S. Commander in Chief, George Washington, over to the British army. Though one of the Americans' strongest leaders, Arnold is not treated well by either his fellow generals or the Congress. He is the classic tragic hero, switching sides only when it becomes clear that his counry has turned against him.
Rise to Rebellion
by Jeff Shaara Details
The time between the Boston Massacre in 1770 and the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 saw the beginnings of a new nation.
Shadowbrook: A Novel of Love and War and the Birth of America
by Beverly Swerling Details
During the French and Indian War in the 1750s, Quent Hale, younger son of a landowning family in upstate New York, joins forces with his half-Indiana step-brother Cormac Shea. Their hopes: to keep their family plantation, Shadowbrook, safe from takeover by the French, and to provide a homeland for the Indians to occupy after the war ends.
Susannah Morrow
by Megan Chance Details
In this realistic, dark novel of the Salem witch trials of 1692, fifteen-year-old Charity Fowler has just lost her mother in childbirth on the very night her mother's sister, Susannah Morrow, arrives on her family's doorstep. Charity's father Lucas, a strict Puritan, looks askance at the worldly Susannah, though he's attracted to her against his will. In search of acceptance, Charity falls in with a group of manipulative girls who condemn Susannah as a witch, while Lucas finds himself caught in between.
The Hornet's Nest
by Jimmy Carter Details
Ethan and Epsie Pratt, backwoods homesteaders in Georgia in the 1770s, befriend two neighbors, Kindred and Mavis Morris, and learn about the plight of the American Indians. As war breaks out, the Pratts and the Morrises are reluctantly forced to take sides.
The Interpreter: A Story of Two Worlds
by Robert Moss Details
In 1710, Conrad Weiser, a native of the German Palatinate who fought for England against France, leaves England for the American colonies. The colonists, astonished to find themselves indentured servants, rebel against England, with Conrad as their leader. He grows ever closer to the Mohawks, learning their language and serving as interpreter between them and the settlers.
Warrior Woman
by Dark Rain Thom Details
On the eve of the Revolutionary War, the army of Virginia prepares to attack the Shawnee tribe. Nonhelema, female peace chief of the Shawnee and a Christian convert, preaches a message of peace to her people. When they ignore her words, she reluctantly rides into battle. Her story is a tragic one, for despite her consistent message of peace, both the Shawnee and the white men ultimately betray her.
Washington and Caesar
by Christian Cameron Details
In 1773, a new slave named Caesar arrives to work on Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia estate. Caesar escapes the plantation, and after war is declared, he joins the British Army to fight for his own freedom. He and other Loyalists form a fighting unit made up of former slaves. At the end, both master and former slave fight for freedom on opposite sides.
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