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Did You Know They Could Write, Too? Books By Celebrities

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by Hilary Duff Details
Clea Raymond, a talented young photojournalist who has spent her life in the spotlight, and her best friends, Rayna and Ben, travel the globe trying to unravel a centuries-old mystery that could reveal her soulmate's identity and the secret of her father's disappearance.
How to Be Famous
by Heidi Montag Details
The controversial reality TV star shares her secrets for entering celebrity circles while looking the part, covering topics ranging from befriending the paparazzi and conveying contempt to getting plastic surgery and selling one's wedding photos.
by Macaulay Culkin Details
In a dizzying kaleidoscope of words and images, Macaulay Culkin takes readers on a twisted tour to the darkest corners of his fertile imagination. Part memoir, part rant, part comedic tour de force, "Junior" is full of the hard-won wisdom of Culkin s quest to come to terms with the awesome pressures of childhood mega-stardom and family dysfunction.
L.A. Candy
by Lauren Conrad Details
When nineteen-year-old Jane Roberts is cast in a new reality show, she discovers that the fame and fortune of her new life come at a high price to herself and her friendships.
Medium Raw
by Anthony Bourdain Details
Tracking his own strange and unexpected voyage from journeyman cook to globe-traveling professional eater and drinker, and even to fatherhood, Bourdain takes no prisoners as he dissects what he's seen, pausing along the way for a series of confessions, rants, investigations, and interrogations of some of the most controversial figures in food.
My Booky Wook
by Russell Brand Details
Russell Brand learned early on to make a joke of fear and failure. From a troubled childhood in industrial Essex, England, to his descent into addictions to alcohol, drugs, and sex in the seamy underbelly of London, Brand has seen his share of both and miraculously lived to tell the tale.
Palo Alto: Stories
by James Franco Details
Inspired by some of Franco's own teenage memories, this collection depicts life in Palo Alto as experienced by a series of teenagers who spend most of their time driving drunk, using drugs and taking part in unplanned acts of violence.
The Overton Window
by Glenn Beck Details
An unprecedented attack on U.S. soil shakes the country to the core and puts into motion a frightening plan, decades in the making, to transform America and demonize all those who stand in the way. Exposing the plan and revealing the conspirators behind it, PR executive Noah Gardner hatches his own plan to save both the woman he loves and the individual freedoms he once took for granted.
The Truth About Diamonds
by Nicole Richie Details
As the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, Nicole Richie has led a life of privilege among Hollywood's elite. But despite its glamorous trappings, Nicole's life has been anything but charmed. At twenty-three, she has survived a virtual combat zone of youth; facing adoption, divorce, drug addiction, a very public arrest and subsequent time in rehab. In this novel - the first of two in a series - Nicole takes readers behind the scenes to the real world of young Hollywood royalty - a world that no one knows better. The names have been changed but the stories are true, and the fabulously young, rich and famous characters in this story are real people with more drama in their lives than the characters they portray on TV - and in public.
To Try Men's Souls
by Newt Gingrich Details
The story follows three men with three very different roles to play in history: General George Washington, Thomas Paine, and Jonathan Van Dorn, a private in Washington's army.
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