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A Dog Among Diplomats: A Bull Moose Dog Run Mystery
by J.F. Englert Details
When Harry is called to Manhattan's East Village in response to a murder in which Harry's missing almost fiancée is implicated, his Labrador retriever Randolph embarks on his own investigation to find the killer and clear Imogen's name.
A Little Yellow Dog: An Easy Rawlins Mystery
by Walter Mosley Details
Working as a janitor at Sojourner Truth Junior High School, Easy is asked to care for a small dog owned by the attractive Idabell Holland, a teacher at the school. When Idabell's husband is murdered, Easy finds himself mixed up with a gang of criminals. Idabell and Easy fall into a sexual liaison, but in the wake of it, Idabell is found stabbed to death in the passenger seat of Easy's car. While at first Easy thinks the murders are a "simple falling out of thieves," a surprising twist reveals the truth.
Bride & Groom: A Dog Lover's Mystery
by Susan Conant Details
Writer Holly Winter is a protagonist who puts her pets above anything and everyone else -- even her veterinarian fiance. Luckily, he is almost as nuts about dogs as she is and has three of his own. Before they can become a five-dog family, however, Holly must figure out why several women, all with some connection to her, have been violently murdered in the greater Boston area. With much support from her two Alaskan malamutes, Holly investigates the crimes and tries to keep herself out of harm's way.
Creature Discomforts: A Dog Lover's Mystery
by Susan Conant Details
A hike in the woods has memorable consequences for dog writer Holly Winter. When she awakens, battered and bruised, clinging to a boulder on the side of a cliff, she doesn't even recognize her own beloved malamutes, Rowdy and Kimi, much less remember their names -- or her own. Putting clues together, she discovers that she is in Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island, Maine, and that she's the guest of one Gabrielle Beamon. When it is discovered that there was another fall, this one fatal, at approximately the same time and close to the same place as Holly's, she begins to fear for her own safety.
Dog On It: A Chet and Bernie Mystery
by Spencer Quinn Details
Introducing two-legged Bernie and his four-legged pal Chet -- a canine with a penchant for solving mysteries -- their first case is to track down a teenager who's out way past curfew.
Gaits of Heaven: A Dog Lover's Mystery
by Susan Conant Details
Soon after Holly agrees to housebreak Dolfo, a golden Aussie huskapoo, for Ted and Eumie Green, quirky therapists as much in need of therapy as their patients, Holly finds Eumie dead of a drug overdose on one of her visits to their home. While the death appears to be an accident, Eumie's daughter from her first marriage, a reclusive, overweight Harvard coed, suspects murder. Ted's moody teenage son from his earlier marriage cares little that his stepmother has died.
Gun Shy
by Donna Ball Details
Michelle White may have committed suicide. For days, her body has lain in a cabin along with her terrified dog. So they call in Raine Stockton. Raine hardly has time for the poor dog she's named Hero. But as she falls for him, questions surface about his late owner -- and Raine realizes that Hero may be the only witness to a murder.
Hounding the Pavement: A Dog Walker Mystery
by Judi McCoy Details
Ellie Engleman, the newest dog-walker on Manhattan's Upper East Side, has a talent -- she can hear what her canine clientele is thinking. So when a dog's owner turns up dead, Ellie must bone up on her sleuthing to find a killer.
Putting on the Dog
by Cynthia Baxter Details
A charity dog show has Jessica hitting the road with her faithful one-eyed Dalmatian, Lou, and her tailless Westie, Max, for the palatial summer estates of Long Island's fabled East End. When she arrives, the posh seaside community is crawling with stars eager to take best in show for their beloved pooches. But it's murder most tacky when a celebrity photographer is felled by a giant ice sculpture at a $500-a-plate fund-raiser.
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