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The Iron Horse Rides West - Railroads in Western Fiction

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Badland Bloodbath
by Jon Sharpe Details
Kidnapping a train-load of children worth a king's ransom, a group of bandits hide deep in the Devil's Catacombs. But Skye Fargo could track the Devil himself, and he's determined to send these outlaws to Hell.
Series -
The Trailsman
Big Iron
by Jake Lancer Details
Former Union Army captain Dane Bowman, an undercover troubleshooter for the railroad, stars in this first title of Lancer's Golden Spike trilogy. Returning to Kansas, Bowman goes up against a bandit chief and his men who are sabotaging the railroad with robberies and shootings.
by Tobias Cole Details
Duncan Curry was a brilliant thief. Banks, trains –– anything with money was a job for him, and he did it well. During his years fighting for the Confederacy, he honed his skills in the name of a greater good. But now the Union is whole again, and Duncan Curry needs a job. When a man from his past approaches him asking if he will use his unique skills to guard the railroads, Curry cannot refuse.
Iron Ties
by Ann Parker Details
Inez Stannert struggles to deal with her shaky partnership in Leadville's Silver Queen saloon, a missing husband, and a child still back East. President Ulysses S. Grant prepares to make an appearance to celebrate the coming of the railroad, but old enemies, general lawlessness, and ruthless competitors could ruin everything.
Jim steel: Gold Train
by Chet Cunningham Details
A train full of gold bars, and Jim Steel is hired to ride shotgun. California is full of gold hungry, and many of them don't care how they come by the riches. Loading saddlebags full of bars is way easier than grubbing in cold streams. But Jim Steel stands in their way.-Amazon
Longarm and the Sabotaged Railroad
by Tabor Evans Details
Someone is trying to sabotage a new railroad. They've already jumped Marshal Custis Long for investigating it. Longarm isn't certain what's behind this scheme, but he's sure going to blow it full of holes.
Series -
On the Wrong Track
by Steve Hockensmith Details
Hired to guard the Pacific Express during a trip to San Francisco, crime-solving cowboy sleuths Gustav "Old Red" Amlingmeyer and his brother, "Big Red," deal with a scheming gang of outlaws and a killer hiding among the train's passengers
Outlaw Train
by Cameron Judd Details
Deputy Luke Cable's job has gotten whole lot harder lately. He's been acting marshal since Marshal Ben Keely left on a trip east--and disappeared. It's up to Luke to keep the peace, and that's hard to do since the arrival of the Outlaw Train, a traveling collection of curiosities, including the remains of notorious outlaws. But not all the outlaws in town are dead.
Raiders of the Western & Atlantic: A Western Story
by Tim Champlin Details
Members of the Union Army steal an engine from the Confederates, but the ensuing pursuit to capture the thieves may prove more challenging than the theft itself.
Railroad Schemes
by Cecilia Holland Details
Lily Viner's father was a hard man, a claim-jumper and petty highwayman working out of Virginia City, but he was all the family she had. So when a stagecoach robbery goes bad, and he is killed in the shootout, she is left completely alone. But it is Lily's good fortune that the robbery was planned by the strange Irish outlaw known as King Callahan, who refuses to leave her to the mercy of the citizens of Virginia City. King Callahan is a criminal, but he's a man with a mission as well. He intends to do everything in his power to stop the railroad.
Shadow on the Land: A Western Story
by Wayne Overholser Details
Central Oregon--the last frontier. Transportation is still by stagecoach and freight wagon. There is a movement afoot for a people's railroad, paid for by the state, to bring the benefits of rails to the area, to make it easier to ship livestock and produce, and to encourage settlement. For years the competing railroad barons, James J. Hill and Edward H. Harriman, have done nothing toward building a line in central Oregon, but now, under the impetus of the people's railroad bill, they both set out to do just that.
Slocum and the Bullet Express
by Jake Logan Details
These days, if it wasn't for bad luck, John Slocum would have no luck at all. He's got no horse and is only one step ahead of vicious bounty hunters-- meaning that his only way out of San Diego is to stow away on the trouble-plagued Yuma Bullet express. And when he's unexpectedly hired to guard a railroad magnate's beautiful daughter, he finds himself facing down her outlaw fiancé-- and marauding Apache war parties. Surviving this disastrous train trip means Slocum must shoot fast and think faster. But keeping innocents safe and playing his enemies against each other means riding all the way to the bloody end of the line
Series -
Slocum 422
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