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Alpha and Omega: The Search for the Beginning and the End of the Universe
by Charles Seife Details
Today we are at the brink of discoveries that should soon reveal the deepest secrets of the universe and this book helps you understand them. It makes cutting-edge science both clear and exciting.
Astronomy for Dummies
by Stephen Maran Details
From asteroids to black holes, from quasars to white dwarfs, "Astronomy For Dummies" takes backyard stargazers on a grand tour of the universe. Featuring star maps, charts, gorgeous full-color photographs, and easy-to-follow explanations, this fact-filled guide gives readers a leg up on the basic principles of astronomy and shows how to get the most out of binoculars, telescopes, planetarium visits, and other fun astronomical activities.
Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide
by Dinah Moche Details
This guide is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of astronomy. It covers everything from the planets and comets to the life cycles of stars.
Celestial Delights: The Best Astronomical Events Through 2010
by Francis Reddy Details
This book is several things in one: an introduction to astronomy; a history of phenomenal celestial events; and a calendar of upcoming such events.
From Here to Infinity: A Beginner's Guide to Astronomy
by John Gribbin Details
"From Here to Infinity" presents the proven facts as well as theories that are currently being debated and investigated. It includes many beautiful photographs and detailed diagrams.
Handy Astronomy Answer Book
by Charles Liu Details
This book provides information about areas of astronomy that people are commonly interested in, in clear language with a no-nonsense format.
Hubble: Imaging Space and Time
by David H. DeVorkin Details
This book includes the history of the Hubble telescope, information about the planets and stars viewed through it, and more than 200 of the most spectacular images it has taken during its lifetime.
Invisible Universe
by David Malin Details
Amateur astronomers will appreciate these glamorous, large format photos taken from the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Each photo is accompanied by a brief description of its subject's history and physical characteristics.
Simple Stargazing: A First-Time Starwatcher's Guide
by Anton Vamplew Details
This guide provides insightful tips as well as maps of the sky to help amateur stargazers have an incredible experience.
Stars and Planets: The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System
by Ian Ridpath Details
This updated edition of a classic astronomy text has it all: detailed charts of all 88 constellations that can be viewed from Earth; data and descriptions of each planet and major star in our galaxy; moon maps and descriptions of lunar features; and tips for choosing the best stargazing equipment for any budget.
Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope -- and How to Find Them
by Guy Consolmagno Details
"Turn Left at Orion" provides all the information you need to observe the Moon, the planets, and more celestial objects. Large diagrams show these objects exactly as they appear in a small telescope, and for each object there is information on the current state of our astronomical knowledge.
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