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A Survival Guide for Working with Humans: Dealing with Whiners, Back-Stabbers, Know-it-Alls and Other Difficult People
by Gini Graham Scott Details
Everyone has had one a colleague or client who makes going to work a trial and a terror. Scott provides chatty guidance for reducing workplace difficulties and improving morale. Her approach mixes problem-solving and conflict-resolution techniques with methods such as visualization, mental gymnastics, and intuitive reasoning to determine a course of action.
Bullies, Tyrants and Impossible People: How to Beat Them Without Joining Them
by Ronald M. Shapiro Details
The impossible people who make life's journey so difficult are everywhere -- at the office, in restaurants, on airplanes, living next door, members of your own family. This book gives you a simple and highly effective 4-point plan for dealing with all of them and more.
Comebacks at Work: Using Conversation to Master Confrontation
by Kathleen Kelley Reardon Details
Reardon argues that we are responsible for 75 percent of the way we're treated at work, and our success -- or failure -- at the workplace depends largely on how we handle ourselves in conversation with our colleagues. To break free of the stale scripts and expected actions that allow politically astute people to manipulate us, we must increase our conversational awareness and effectively employ what Reardon calls "comebacks."
Face It: Recognizing and Conquering the Hidden Fear that Drives all Conflict at Work
by Art Horn Details
This book identifies several basic behavioral profiles, and helps readers assess their own behaviors as well as those of coworkers. It explains how the behaviors develop, and offers practical techniques for replacing fear and mistrust with mutual respect and rebuilding the sense of shared commitment to common goals.
Perfect Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People: Hundreds of ready-to-Use Phrases for Handling Conflict, Confrontations and Challenging Personalities
by Susan Benjamin Details
Whether it's hiring employees or creating teams, this book contains the tools for precise, effective communication in any situation.
Stop Workplace Drama: Train your Team to Have no Excuses, No Complaints and No Regrets
by Marlene Chism Details
"Stop Workplace Drama" offers down-to-earth, practical methods to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and private practice professionals maximize success, increase productivity, and improve teamwork and personal performance.
Toxic Emotions at Work: How Compassionate Managers Handle Pain and Conflict
by Peter J. Frost Details
Through rich examples of how individuals and organizations have managed emotional pain successfully, Frost describes the key skills necessary to cope with emotional pain and to manage it effectively, and offers concrete courses of action for organizations to institutionalize compassion in the face of emotional pain.
When You Say Yes but Mean No: How Silencing Conflict Wrecks Relationships and Companies, and What You Can Do About It
by Leslie A. Perlow Details
Perlow provides a keen understanding of the hidden issues behind what people say (and don't say). And more important, she shows how to create relationships where individuals feel empowered to express their genuine thoughts and feelings and to harness the power of positive conflict.
Working Relationships: The Simple Truth about Getting Along with Friends and Foes at Work
by Bob Wall Details
This book provides advice about how to build effective relationships, which is at once the most important factor and the most frustrating challenge in creating success and satisfaction at work.
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