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Booklist Magazine's Best Crime Novel Debuts of the Year

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by Mai Jia Details
A top secret counterespionage and code breaking unit recruits an autistic math genius who discovers his former teacher and best friend is working for the enemy.
North of Boston
by Elisabeth Elo Details
Introduces Pirio Kasparov, a Boston-bred tough-talking girl with an acerbic wit and a moral compass that points due north. When the fishing boat Pirio is on is rammed by a freighter, she finds herself abandoned in the North Atlantic. Somehow, she survives nearly four hours in the water before being rescued by the Coast Guard. But the boat's owner and her professional fisherman friend, Ned, is not so lucky.
Precious Thing
by Colette McBeth Details
Astonished to discover that a police press conference assignment is about her best friend from high school, television journalist Rachel endeavors to learn the fate of her missing friend before making a discovery that brings everything they once shared into question.
Shovel Ready
by Adam Sternbergh Details
Working as a hit man on the ravaged streets of New York City after a dirty bomb is unleashed on Times Square, Spademan takes an assignment to kill the daughter of a powerful evangelist only to discover that his mark holds a shocking secret and that his client hides a more sinister agenda.
The Abomination
by Jonathan Holt Details
When a woman's body is found wearing the sacred robes of a Catholic priest--a desecration known as the Abomination--Captain Kat Tapo of the Carabinieri unravels a dark conspiracy that tests her loyalties, in this thrilling novel that is set in two Venices--the physical world and its virtual counterpart.
Series -
Carnivia trilogy
The Ascendant
by Drew Chapman Details
An exiting and informative book about the possibilities that the current economic tensions between China and the US could escalate in an unpredictable manner. The plot focuses on the accumulation by China of trillions of US national debt in the context of increasing Chinese national instability. The author does a masterful job of narrating the exposure the US has to Chinese and other hackers.
The Curiosity
by Stephen P. Kiernan Details
After discovering the body of a man buried deep in the Arctic ice, Dr. Kate Philo and her team bring him back to life in their Boston lab, igniting a media firestorm that forces them to decide how far they are willing to go to protect their experiment.
The Deliverance of Evil
by Roberto Costantini Details
On 11 July 1982, Elisa Sordi was beautiful. Commissario Michele Balistreri was fearless. Italy was victorious. A killer was waiting. On 9 July 2006, with Sordi's case 24 years cold, and Balistreri haunted by guilt and regret, Italian victory returned. And so did Sordi's killer. But this time Michele Balistreri would be ready. This time he would fear no evil.
The Word Exchange
by Alena Graedon Details
A fiendishly clever dystopian novel for the digital age, The Word Exchange is a fresh, stylized, and decidedly original debut about the dangers of technology and the power of the printed word.
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