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Against the Grain : A Coach's Wisdom on Character, Faith, Family, and Love
by Bill Courtney Details
Bill Courtney--entrepreneur, football coach, and subject of the 2011 documentary Undefeated--shares his hard-won lessons on discipline, success, teamwork, and triumph over adversity.
Any given number : the ultimate sports debate : who wore it best, from 00 to 99
by Bill Syken Details
Any Given Number delivers SI's authoritative take on who is the best of the best, from No. 00 to No. 99, breaking down the contenders to name an ultimate winner at each number. It also reveals little-known facts about a digit's history and colorful anecdotes about why an athlete chose it, alongside the stellar photography that is the hallmark of Sports Illustrated.
Bird Dream: Adventures at the Extremes of Human Flight
by Matt Higgins Details
A heart-stopping narrative of risk and courage, Bird Dream tells the story of the remarkable men and women who pioneered the latest advances in aerial exploration--from skydiving to BASE jumping to wingsuit flying--and made history with their daring.
Deep: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves
by James Nestor Details
In Deep, Nestor embeds with a gang of extreme athletes and renegade researchers who are transforming not only our knowledge of the planet and its creatures, but also our understanding of the human body and mind. Along the way, he takes us from the surface to the Atlantic's greatest depths, some 28,000 feet below sea level.
Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak
by Andy Hall Details
Denali's Howl is the white-knuckle account of one of the most deadly climbing disasters of all time. In 1967, twelve young men attempted to climb Alaska's Mount McKinley-known to the locals as Denali-one of the most popular and deadly mountaineering destinations in the world. Only five survived.
Faster, higher, stronger : how sports science is creating a new generation of superathletes--and what we can learn from them
by Mark McClusky Details
Veteran journalist Mark McClusky brings readers behind the scenes with a new generation of athletes, coaches, and scientists whose accomplishments are changing our understanding of human physical achievement and completely redefining the limits of the human body.
Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness
by J.C. Herz Details
"Explains the science of maximum effort, why the modern gym fails an obese society, and the psychic rewards of ending up on the floor feeling as though you're about to die, [tracing] CrossFit's rise from a single underground gym in Santa Cruz to its adoption as the workout of choice for elite special forces, firefighters, and cops, to its popularity as the go-to fitness routine for regular Joes and Janes"--Dust jacket flap.
Sports illustrated NFL QB : the greatest position in sports
by Greg Kelly Details
NFL QB examines every aspect of this storied position through original essays, classic prose from the magazine's rich archives and insights from Hall of Fame players, all set against the most striking photographs ever taken on the subject. Every record holder is represented and reevaluated. The big arms, the elusive scramblers, the two-minute magicians, the crossover cultural stars, even the notorious flameouts, are all showcased.
What It Takes: Fighting For My Life and My Love of the Game
by Mark Herzlich Details
In 2011, Mark Herzlich became a starting linebacker for a New York Giants team that would win the Super Bowl--just two years after he had been told that he would never play football again. Now Herzlich tells his triumphant story for the first time.
Why a curveball curves : the incredible science of sports
by Frank Vizard Details
An absorbing and enlightening inside look at sports secrets--now in an updated and expanded edition! What makes an athlete successful? Why do some players excel? In this new, expanded edition, the experts at Popular Mechanics, along with top athletes, coaches, and sports journalists, explore the science behind everything from the perfect curveball and Phelps's kick to gene doping. There's great new coverage on the recent doping scandals that rocked the Tour de France, as well as a new chapter on lacrosse, and the clear, understandable explanations come from people who really love their game. You'll even learn how to bend it like Beckham--or at least how Beckham did it. This book is for both the player and the fan, helping athletes become better prepared and giving enthusiasts a more complete appreciation of the subtle nuances of competition.
You can't make this up : miracles, memories, and the perfect marriage of sports and television
by Al Michaels Details
An eight-time Emmy Award-winning broadcaster interweaves the story of his life and career with lively tales of major events and engaging figures in modern sports, from the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" finals to the 1989 World Series earthquake.
Updated 12/18/2014
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