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More than Knights, Ladies and Chivalry: The History of The Middle Ages

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Europe in the High Middle Ages
by William C. Jordan Details
Princeton historian Jordan ("The Great Famine") marvelously weaves the many and various events of the years 1000-1350 into a splendid historical tapestry. He discusses how various European countries experienced the Middle Ages, putting to rest the notion that the era was monolithic and affected everyone the same way.
Knights Templar Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide to the People, Places, Events and Symbols of the Order of the Temple
by Karen Ralls Details
Legend and myth surround the Order of the Temple, the first military-religious order of the Western Church, even seven centuries after it was officially destroyed. British medieval historian Ralls offers known factual information about elements that appear in the history and the legend.
Medieval Costume and How to Recreate It
by Dorothy Hartley Details
This unique reference classifies the clothes and accessories of the 12th through 15th centuries along social lines. Garments of every type, from the wardrobes of peasants and nobility, appear in over 200 period illustrations and patterns. Helpful advice covers: choosing fabrics, placement of seams, draping and folding garments, how to walk and dance in voluminous attire and methods of storage.
The Far-Farers: A Journey from Viking Iceland to Crusader Jerusalem
by Victoria Clark Details
Though perhaps not the best known of Viking sagas, the story of Thorvald the Far-Farer has survived to the present day and inspired British journalist Clark to retrace Thorvald's transcontinental journey. But Clark is interested in Thorvald's tale not for its own sake but for its place in the broader context of Christianity circa A.D. 1000, a time which, she assures readers, "set the western world's course" for the millennium that followed.
The Knight
by Alan Baker Details
The life of a medieval knight was shaped by a complex relationship with his liege, a rigid code of honor, and training that began in childhood. The armored knight is, perhaps, the most enduring icon of the Middle Ages and has since been romanticized and idealized in lore and film. Baker takes a closer look at the knight and the environment in which he served.
The Secret Middle Ages
by Malcolm Jones Details
Using humble artifacts and everyday objects from the medieval period, Malcolm Jones paints a compelling picture of life as envisaged by the ordinary man or woman.
Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths
by Régine Pernoud Details
As she examines the many misconceptions about the Middle Ages, the renowned French historian, Régine Pernoud, gives the reader a refreshingly original perspective on many subjects, both historical as well as eminently modern. The book will be provocative for the general readers as well as a helpful resource for teachers.
Who's Who in the Middle Ages
by Mary Ellen Snodgrass Details
Snodgrass provides the student and non-specialist general reader with a superbly researched and presented biographical dictionary of the men and women who distinguished the European Middle Ages as a bridge between the classical world and the Renaissance.
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