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Anatomy of Stretching: A Guide to Increasing Your Flexibility
by Craig Ramsay Details
Craig Ramsay brings the lessons learned in ten years as a trainer to celebrities and professional athletes and the star of Bravo's Thintervention to everyone. You'll learn when and how to do a tricep stretch and a shoulder stretch, when to avoid toe touches and hamstring stretches, and why it's important to keep your neck relaxed during a hip flexor stretch. While taking you through each movement step by step, Anatomy of Stretching also goes beneath the skin to allow you to see just which muscles you are working during each stretch.
Anatomy, stretching & training for golfers : a step-by step guide to getting the most from your golf workout
by Philip. Striano Details
Taking you through stretches that both warm you up before a game and cool you down after, Dr. Philip Striano focuses on working the primary muscles involved in the mechanics of the golf swing--stance, backswing, transition, downswing, and follow-through--as well as the secondary muscle groups that help support and balance you. Alongside each exercise are detailed, true-to-life anatomical illustrations showing which muscles of the body are targeted. A handy guide lets you know the exercise's benefits and cautions, along with tips on perfecting your form.
Stretch Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Individual and Assisted Stretching
by Emily A. Francis Details
The stretches in this book are broken down by each body part which makes it easy to use and to find what you need in a given time. The spectrum from basic to advanced stretches are offered for the home, the office, pre and post workout, for the compromised individual and partner stretching as well. It even offers stretching routines to make it easier for you! No matter where you are on your own path to health and wellness this book can help guide you along your way.
by Melanie (Fitness researcher) Roberts Details
Stretching is relaxing and revitalizing, and helps increase your flexibility and range of motion. But stretch the wrong way and you could be doing yourself more harm than good! This guide teaches you the correct way to stretch, so you can avoid common stretching mistakes.
Series -
Idiot's Guides
Stretching for 50+
by Karl G. Knopf Details
Designed to meet the unique needs of the 50+ person, the carefully modified stretches in this book are easy to learn and safe to perform at any age. Illustrated with step-by-step photos and explained with clear captions, the stretches in Stretching for 50+ can reverse years of muscle tightening, helping you perform daily activities without pain and enjoy sports and leisure activities without injury.
The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body
by Bob (Robert) Cooley Details
After a life-threatening accident, Cooley developed a series of 16 resistance stretches that he says gave his body a degree of flexibility that far surpassed his pre-accident levels. Cooley explains that program here, organizing the stretches into four difficulty levels and addressing personality traits, since, he says, stretching certain muscles can affect nonphysical areas in one's life. Once he used the program to heal himself, Cooley began to work with professional athletes and others suffering from injuries, including Olympic gold medal swimmer Dara Torres.
Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts
by Sang H. Kim Details
More than a collection of exercises or an explanation of technique, Ultimate Flexibility is a complete guide to stretching for martial arts, from the very basics of why you should stretch to detailed workout guidelines for every style and level of martial arts practice. Written by acclaimed author and martial artist Sang H Kim, Ultimate Flexibility is your guide to achieving maximum flexibility in your training. Begin with an in depth look at the hows and whys of flexibility and stretching. Learn about the many types of stretching, which methods are best for beginners, when to graduate to advanced techniques and why you should completely avoid certain types of exercises. You'll also find information that you wont find in any other martial art book, including a detailed exploration of how your body works for or against you in your training and how flexibility can make you stronger and faster. Building on this foundation, Sang H Kim teaches you nearly 200 flexibility exercises that he has personally used to achieve the highest levels of flexibility. You'll get detailed instructions, workout planning guides, goal setting tips, difficulty levels, injury prevention and recovery, and over 400 color photos to guide you.
Updated 10/16/2014
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