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Chasing Fire
by Nora Roberts Details
Montana wildfire fighter Rowan has a strict rule: never get romantically involved with anyone she works with. But the moment she meets new recruit Gull Curry that rule is severely tested. And when it becomes clear that someone blames Rowan for her jump partner's death, and is determined to get revenge, Rowan finds that she needs Gull's help and support more than ever.
by Karen Robards Details
Hired by a prestigious D.C. law firm after barely surviving witnessing the murder of the First Lady, attorney Jessica Ford is deliberately keeping a low profile as she gets a sensational rape case involving a senator's son. Meanwhile, she has an uneasy feeling about the beautiful young associate she replaced: where is Allison Howard? And when someone tries to kill her, Jess knows she is getting too close to something.
Lost and Found
by Jayne Ann Krentz Details
Art appraiser Cady Briggs assists Internet artifact recovery specialist Mack Easton with his appraisals. They finally meet and fall in love. When her great-aunt Vesta dies suspiciously, the two investigate. Suspects include Cady's cousin and her aunt's gallery cohorts and rivals.
by Linda Howard Details
Montana wilderness guide Angie Powell wants nothing to do with ex-soldier Dare Callahan, especially as she blames him for her failing business. But she has to put her feelings to one side when they are suddenly thrust together to stop an animal with a thirst for blood -- of a human variety.
by Karen Robards Details
With an ailing mother to support, attorney Lisa Shewmaker takes a job as a research assistant to District Attorney Scott Buchanan. While reviewing cold cases in the Fayette County courthouse, she comes across photos that may help her uncover details about her mysterious past. But when a series of catastrophes strike close to home, Lisa confides in Scott, and their relationship develops into something completely different. Together Lisa and Scott unravel a terrifying web of criminal connections that could destroy the very fabric of Lisa's life -- if she lives long enough, that is.
Southern Comfort
by Fern Michaels Details
Now sober, Atlanta homicide detective Patrick "Tick" Kelly, still haunted by the murder of his wife and children, gets an unexpected second chance at happiness when he works with former DEA agent Kate Rush to expose a local human trafficking ring.
The Ideal Man
by Julie Garwood Details
Dr. Ellie Sullivan is the primary witness in the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of wanted criminals, a couple identified as the Landrys. The Landrys have been captured, and she'll be called to testify. But they've been captured before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence -- or disappear before they can take the stand.
The River Knows
by Amanda Quick Details
Their first kiss occurred in a dimly lit hallway on the upper floor of Elwin Hastings's grand house. Of course, Anthony Stalbridge couldn't possibly have had romantic intentions. The only thing he and Louisa Bryce have in common is a passionate interest in the private affairs of Mr. Hastings, a prominent member of Society whom they both suspect of hiding terrible secrets. Now, brought together by their ruse, Anthony and Louisa are united in their efforts to find the truth.
The Search
by Nora Roberts Details
Fiona, a dog trainer who participates in canine search-and-rescue missions, is devastated after her fiancé is murdered, but her emotions are rekindled when Simon, a newcomer to town, brings his puppy Jaws to her for obedience training.
Up Close and Dangerous
by Linda Howard Details
After her small plane crashes, nearly killing her and her pilot and leaving them stranded in the wilderness and dependent on each other for survival, a wealthy young widow begins to suspect that the crash was no accident.
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