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Behind a Mask
by Louisa May Alcott Details
Louisa May Alcott's little-known novella is an ingenious study of deception, betrayal, and the ruthless power of a woman scorned. When demure Scottish governess Jean Muir arrives at a wealthy household, the family couldn't be more thrilled with their young new resident and find themselves beguiled by her grace and beauty. But this surrender to her "innocent" charms soon sets the men quarreling for her attention, with the women beside themselves with jealousy. Delighted with her success, Miss Muir sets her sights on the highest prize, but she has only three days to claim victory before the truth, behind her mask, will be exposed.
Lost Laysen
by Margaret Mitchell Details
Until 1995, "Gone with the Wind"--the 1937 Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the bestselling novel of all time--was the only published work of fiction credited to Margaret Mitchell. But 45 years after her death, the Road to Tara Museum unveiled what amounts to a national treasure--a novella written by America's most beloved storyteller. "Lost Laysen" is an exciting tale of love and honor on a South Pacific island.
The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf
by Virginia Woolf Details
Woolf's short stories originally appeared in various magazines and anthologies, often sloppily or intrusively edited. The 45 texts collected here were carefully prepared by Susan Dick after comparison of all surviving manuscript and printed versions; 17 have never before been published, assuring this volume an important place in the Woolf canon. The earliest pieces date from 1906 and the last were in progress when Woolf drowned herself in 1941. Taken together, they show the evolution of Woolf's experimental methods and the origin of some of the major themes in her novels.
The Professor
by Charlotte Bronte Details
Told from the point of view of William Crimsworth, the only male narrator that Brontë ever used, the work formulated a new aesthetic that questioned many of the presuppositions of Victorian society. Brontë's hero escapes from a humiliating clerkship in a Yorkshire mill to find work as a teacher in Belgium, where he falls in love with an impoverished student-teacher, who is perhaps the author's most realistic feminist heroine. "The Professor" endures today as both a harbinger of Brontë's later novels and a compelling read in its own right.
Travels with Charley and Later Novels, 1947-1962
by John Steinbeck Details
Today, nearly forty years after his death, Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck remains one of America's greatest writers and cultural figures. John Steinbeck was never content to repeat himself, and his restless search for new forms and fresh subject matter is fully evident in the books of his later years. This volume collects four novels that exhibit the full range of his gift, along with a travel book that has become one of his most enduringly popular works.
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