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Bloodlines: A Horse Racing Anthology
by Maggie Estep Details
This collection includes original fiction as well as nonfiction. From the lives of jockeys, trainers, and breeders to the dirty deeds of bookies and gamblers, this literary tribute has it all.
Dreams of Gold
by Maynard F. Thomson Details
The Olympic dreams of figure skaters Maggie Campbell and Clay Bartlett come to an abrupt halt when a car accident ends Clay's career. Maggie sets out on her own to develop her skills as a single skater.
Drop Shot
by Harlan Coben Details
A troubled tennis star on the verge of a comeback is murdered. The prime suspect is another player, who is one of sports agent Myron Bolitar's clients. When Bolitar investigates, he uncovers a connection between the victim and a rising star from the wrong side of the tracks, while a corrupt senator and organized crime watch his every move.
Final Round
by William Bernhardt Details
Pro golfer Connor Cross barely made the cut for the Masters, and he just wants to enjoy the experience. But the fun is over when one of his clubs is used to murder a superior player.
Flatbellies: It's Not About Golf, It's About Life
by Alan Hollingsworth Details
A group of friends in a small Oklahoma town try to win the state championship even though they are told that they don't have a chance. In the process, they learn valuable lessons about life as well as golf.
Foul Lines
by Jack McCallum Details
Just months before his graduation from Yale, whiz kid Jamal Kelly leaves school to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the front office of the Los Angeles Lasers. Not long after he begins, Jamal gets a quick introduction to a subculture full in big egos, as well as to the charms of the team's attractive new beat writer, Jilly Forrester.
Life At These Speeds
by Jeremy Jackson Details
Kevin Schuler is popular, has the cutest girlfriend, and excels at track. But when all os his teammates are killed in a car crash, he finds himself struggling to move on.
Million Dollar Baby
by F.X. Toole Details
This collection of powerful and moving stories are based on the experiences of the late fight manager Jerry Boyd, who wrote under the pen name F.X. Toole. It is the basis for the Oscar-winning motion picture starring Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman.
Pound for Pound
by F.X. Toole Details
Dan Cooley, an aging but legendary Los Angeles trainer, takes on a troubled young fighter named Chicky Garza. Garza is hungry to make a name for himself in the boxing circuit, which is rife with crime and corruption. The bond between Cooley and Garza becomes more powerful than the obstacles they face, ultimately giving them both the courage to triumph in and out of the ring.
by Jack Falla Details
Late in his career, Boston goaltender Jean Pierre Savard and his teammate/best friend, Cam Carter, are trying to fulfill their boyhood dreams of winning a Stanley Cup before they retire. A surprise late-season trade pits the friends against each other in a playoff series only one can win.
The Back Nine
by Billy Mott Details
Former golf prodigy Charlie McLeod hasn't played since he injured his elbow in high school twenty years ago. After a string of failures-his marriage, a friendship, his job-Charlie finds work as a caddy at a posh golf club in San Francisco. When it turns out that he can play golf again, better than ever, a couple of the club's members set him up in a match against a high-stakes hustler.
The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan
by John Coyne Details
Respected historian Jack Handley remembers the summer of 1946, when he caddied for his idol, Ben Hogan, in the last Chicago Open.
The Green
by Troon McAllister Details
The narrator is team captain for America's Ryder Cup team, which has zero chance of winning against the talent Europeans. But then the captain chooses Eddie Caminetti, an unknown who prefers to make his living off the tour by scamming golfers who underestimate him. Eddie is not only a great golfer but a brilliant analyst of players. If he can stay out of trouble, the Americans just might have a chance.
The Pro
by Mike Shropshire Details
Del Bonnet is infamous for being arrested at a PGA event and being kicked off the tour. Now, years later, he's a coach at an obscure Florida golf resort. After he turns fifty and begins to reevaluate his life, he decides to try to make a comeback on the Seniors tour.
Too Far
by Mike Lupica Details
The biggest thing that's ever happened to small town of South Shore is its high-school basketball team, which is on fire. Not even the death of the team's manager can dampen the enthusiasm for long, but a kid on the high school paper begins to hear things: stories of brutalities at a team retreat, hazing that went over the line...of murder. But no one wants to know, and soon the threats begin.
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