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A Bean, a Stalk, and a Boy Named Jack
by William Joyce Details
A magic bean and an ordinary boy solve a royal problem for King Blah Blah Blah.
by Doreen Cronin Details
When the glass kingdom begins cracking, the king and queen fail in their quest to get help from the fairy Bloom, who can work great magic but was banished because of her muddy boots and messiness, so they send Genevieve, an ordinary girl who will do what it takes to save the day.
Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker
by Allan Ahlberg Details
While Lucy tries to read to her dog Mr. Barker, he runs off and she ends up chasing him through a fairy tale world where she helps Goldilocks, Jack, the Three Little Pigs, and Sleeping Beauty escape from their enemies.
Hensel and Gretel, Ninja Chicks
by Corey Rosen Schwartz Details
Ninja sisters Hensel and Gretel must rescue their parents from the cornbread cottage of a wily fox.
Honestly, Red Riding Hood was Rotten!: the Story of Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf
by Trisha Speed Shaskan Details
The Big Bad Wolf, who claims to be a vegetarian, tells his side of the story of Little Red Riding Hood and her granny.
Little Bo Peep and Her Bad, Bad Sheep: a Mother Goose Hullabaloo
by A.L. Wegwerth Details
Bo Peep's sheep have gotten away from her, and as she searches for them, the naughty sheep romp through other Mother Goose nursery rhymes, creating chaos wherever they go.
Little Red
by Bethan Woollvin Details
On her way to Grandma's house, Little Red meets a wolf. Which might scare some little girls. But not this little girl. She knows just what the wolf is up to, and she's not going to let him get away with it
Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion
by Alex T. Smith Details
In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, set on the African plains, Little Red realizes what the Very Hungry Lion is up to, and teaches him a lesson before generously sharing her donuts with him.
Little Red Gliding Hood
by Tara Lazar Details
Little Red is an excellent ice skater, but she will need a good partner for the skating pairs competition and the only one available is a certain Wolf, who needs new skates as badly as Little Red does.
The Cow Tripped Over the Moon: a Nursery Rhyme Emergency
by Jeanne Willis Details
The Storyland Ambulance Crew is kept busy by all the accidents happening to nursery rhyme characters.
The Sword in the Stove
by Frank W. Dormer Details
Two knights keep finding objects in a stove that belong to their missing friend Harold.
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