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Beast Keeper
by Lucy Coats Details
Eleven-year-old Demon had never met his father, the god Pan, until the day he was whisked away to the stables of Olympus and charged with looking after all of the mythical creatures there, a task which is complicated by the tempestuous gods and goddesses and Heracles, who keeps killing the immortal beasts.
Camping Chaos
by Franklin W. Dixon Details
During the the annual "Fun With Camping" event at Bayport State Park, Frank and Joe investigate when tent decorations start to go missing and they find mysterious footprints around the camp.
Freedom's School
by Lesa Cline-Ransome Details
Hungry for learning, Lizzie and her brother Paul attend a new school built for freed slaves.
Green With Envy
by Jessica Burkhart Details
Anticipating a visit from her favorite cousin, Princess Bella experiences jealousy when Ivy, Clara, and the unicorn Glimmer instantly fall in love with her guest.
Series -
Unicorn Magic
Heidi Heckelbeck Is Not a Thief!
by Wanda Coven Details
Accused of stealing her best friend's cool new pen, young witch Heidi Heckelbeck must turn to her Book of Spells to clear her name.
Series -
Heidi Heckelbeck
Heroes On the Side
by Cyndi Marko Details
When the Blue family travels to New Yolk City, Egg Drop wants to go to the first-ever Sidekick Super-Con--a big party for sidekicks--but Ticklebeak and his Bad Eggs soon chicknap the sidekicks and it is up to Kung Pow Chicken to save them.
Series -
Kung Pow Chicken
Mariella Mystery Investigates a Cupcake Conundrum
by Kate Pankhurst Details
Mariella Mystery investigates who is trying to sabotage the Puddleford baking contest.
Sea Monster!
by Jordan Quinn Details
When a legendary sea monster starts making waves in the Sea of Wrenly, Prince Lucas and his friend Clara travel to the Island of Primlox seeking information that might help them calm the beast.
Shaun the Sheep: the Flock Factor
by Martin Howard Details
It's talent-show time on the farm, and the roosters and chickens are banding together in hopes of beating out their rivals, the sheep.
The Mystery of the Suspicious Spices
by Harper Paris Details
In a Mumbai market, twin detectives Ethan and Ella investigate why a spice seller's spices have suddenly gone bad.
Series -
Updated 01/24/2015
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