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Emerging Readers: Great Early Chapter Books for New Readers

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All Paws on Deck
by Jessica Young Details
Tank is a clumsy, outgoing Great Dane, and Haggis is a bored, curmudgeonly Scottie--so one afternoon Tank suggests they turn the wagon in the backyard into a ship and play pirate. For Grades K - 2. Lexile 280
Boris on the move
by Andrew Joyner Details
Boris lives in Hogg Bay, in an old bus that used to travel all over the world, but now just sits there--until one day when his parents take him on an adventure. For Grades K - 2. Lexile 230.
Series -
Gnawing Around
by Marcie Colleen Details
When a few beavers come to town, the Grumpy Woods are even more grumpy than usual. These beavers are chewing down the trees and drying up their river water with a dam. For Grades K - 3. Lexile 760.
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
by Kate DiCamillo Details
Leroy Ninker has a hat, a lasso, and boots. What he doesn't have is a horse--until he meets Maybelline, and then it's love at first sight. For Grades K - 2. Lexile 500
Little Shaq: Star of the Week
by Shaquille O'Neal Details
Little Shaq has always wanted his own kitten, but his parents aren't sure he is responsible enough. When Little Shaq is chosen as his class's Star of the Week, he's sure it's his moment to prove that his parents can count on him. Will Little Shaq be able to show he's ready for his very own pet? For Grades K - 2. Lexile 500.
Series -
Little Shaq
Mercy Watson to the Rescue
by Kate DiCamillo Details
After Mercy the pig snuggles to sleep with the Watsons, all three awaken with the bed teetering on the edge of a big hole in the floor. For Grades K - 2. Lexile 450.
Series -
Mercy Watson
Moldylocks and the Three Beards
by Noah Z. Jones Details
After falling through the refrigerator into the Land of Fake Believe, Princess meets a girl named Moldylocks who takes her to the home of the Three Beards for chili--but when the Beards capture her friend, Princess must come up with a plan to save her. For Grades K - 2. Lexile 500.
Princess Posey and the First Grade Ballet
by Stephanie Greene Details
Valentine's Day is coming! Posey is so excited about her special ballet recital and giving cards to everyone at school. For Grades K - 3. Lexile 380.
Series -
Princess Posey
The not-so itty-bitty spiders
by Amy Marie Stadelmann Details
Beatrix is a witch, but her twin sister Olive is not, and when Beatrix plays one trick too many on Olive and their classmate Eddie the two decide to get back at her with a bucket of garden spiders--but when the spiders get into a growing potion and turn into giant spiders the three children have to work together to save their town. Olive and Beatrix 1 For Grades K - 2. Lexile 380.
Series -
The Princess in Black
by Shannon Hale Details
Who says princesses don't wear black? When trouble raises its blue monster head, Princess Magnolia ditches her flouncy dresses and becomes the Princess in Black! For Grades K - 3. Lexile 400.
Updated 03/24/2017

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